10 Foods That Kill Your Sex Life

We all eat food. Food is necessary to sustain life and stay fit and healthy. Its like a fuel that provides our bodies with the necessary energy in the form of calories to do our day to day activities. Nutrients present in the foods also helps to maintain our system, repair damaged cells and tissues and to build new tissues.

But, have you ever thought that this food can also be harmful to your body and health? Yes it can be. Food is like a “double edged sword”. Used wisely and precisely, it can be your savior. But if used otherwise, it can damage your own self.

What we eat has a direct relation to how fit and healthy we remain. Every system of the body requires energy to maintain itself. Not only his, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and other micro-nutrients are required daily which are provided primarily through our food. So, it is quite evident that if the food lacks these nutrients, the body will become weak over time. Apart from having a negative impact on all the parts of the body, the most affected is generally the reproductive system. We have already discussed food items that are good for your sexual health but there are also some food items that are not as good. Below we list 10 food items that will kill your sex life:

Aerated Drinks:

cold drinks can cause sex problems

If you have a taste for Coca Cola / Sprite / ThumsUp, or for that matter any other cold drink brand, we have a bad news for you. You are killing your sex life. How? Well, these drinks are flooded with artificial sweeteners like aspartame that affects the blood serotonin levels. Aspartame encourages a sense of happiness and is vital for good libido. People who have high intake of aspartame may have depression and other neurological symptoms that will ultimately lower your libido.

Processed Food:

processed food

Processed foods are common these days. We all eat them often. But the next time you open a pack of cookies or fruit cake, remember that it is going to give you a bad sexual experience. Processed foods are mostly low in nutrients, use refined flour, have low fiber and are rich in trans fats. The cumulative effect of this is an increased chance of nutritional deficiency, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Research has shown that there is a direct link between having junk foods and developing diabetes. Since, your sexual health is directly affected by your overall health, having too much of processed foods can be a nightmare for your sex life.



Alcohol is an intoxicating drink. It is a common myth that taking alcohol can greatly improve your sex drive, but that is not the truth. While one shot may be helpful for you to leave your stress aside but just another one can severely kill your libido. Excessive alcoholism is well known to cause liver damage which in turn may be responsible for the conversion of androgens in to estrogen leading to low sex drive.

Hot and Spicy Food Items:

spicy food

Who doesn’t like hot, spicy and crispy food? Everyone does. Specially our Indian / mughlai foods are made to be highly spicy and full of oil and ghee. Remember those fried chickens or paneer tikka and fish curry, aren’t they all spicy? But if you don’t want to spoil your sexual health, here is an advice – STEER AWAY FROM THESE KIND OF FOODS. Why? Because they cause indigestion, flatulence, heart burn  and anxiety. All of these can be bad for your mood and you may find yourself not ready for the “act”.



Milk as a libido killer? You must not be able to digest this as we have been watching men drinking milk on their first night. We have been brought up learning how milk is good for us and how it improves our sexual health. But with advancement in medicine and technology and its widespread use, most of the milk farms these days use injections (such as oxytocin) to extract milk from the animals (cow or buffalo). This milk is rich in oxytocin and other natural hormones from the cow’s body. When we drink this milk the hormones present in it can create hormonal imbalance leading to several sexual problems including but not limited to low libido. So, if you are not sure about the milk (whether it is pure / without injections or not), don’t drink it. Because its always better to be safe than sorry.

Licorice / Mulethi:


Licorice is used in ayurveda and unani medicine to treat cold, cough and coryza. Many ayurvedic preparations also contain this herb. But did you know that it can interfere with your sex life. Licorice’s active alkaloid glycyrrhizic acid is known to lower the testosterone levels in blood. Therefore consuming licorice regularly may cause a decrease in serum testosterone and lead to low libido.



The menthol found in mint leaves is used in a lot of gums, candies, mouth washes, chewing gums etc. Research done on rats has indicated that menthol can actually decrease the testosterone levels. The same has not been verified on men but it is likely to have the same observations in men too. Therefore, the next time you want to pop a Polo (the mint with the hole) in your mouth, be aware of its consequences in bed.



Well, this is another surprising entry to this list of foods that kill your libido. We all know that dark chocolate is good for elevating your mood and provides euphoria. It is also known to improve your penis health. But some low grade chocolates, flavoured chocolates and chocolates having too much sweeteners may be bad for your sexual health.

Tea / Coffee:


While there is nothing bad in having a cup of tea or two in a day but if you are someone who needs a hot cup every other hour or so, you need to stop right there. Having too much tea / coffee can cause you to develop anxiety and insomnia leading to erection problems and overall less enjoyable sexual experience. Here it should be noted that taking a cup or two a day is actually good for you. Its only when you consume too much of it that you start getting the opposite effect.

Packaged Drinking Water:


Well, if you see all the advertisements on television promoting different brands of mineral water, you would consider that this is by far the best thing you can get for your body. But the matter of fact is bottled water is way too much harmful for you than it seems. The water contained in plastic (PET) bottles is rich in BPA (bisphenol A.). BPA is found to be responsible in a lot of cases to be the cause of infertility in both men and women.

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