7 Myths About Male Enhancement Pills and 14 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

male enlargement pills

Male enhancement pills, also referred to as penis enlargement medicine by some, are widely used by men of all age group. The inherent admiration to have a long bulky penis and harder erections draw every man towards these pills. While some people are more open and experimental type and take these pills easily and enjoy their life, some men find it difficult to convince themselves about taking these enhancement pills.

Most of the times men have some misconceptions related to male enhancement pills and today we are going to discuss these misconceptions in detail. The commonest myths about male enhancement pills-

Myth #1. Male Enhancement Pills Don’t Work!

This is the biggest myth by far about male enhancement pills. But this is absolutely NOT true. Fact is, male enhancement pills DO WORK. It is all about having faith in them and regularly ingesting them as prescribed or scheduled. As long as you do that, you will definitely witness good results.

Myth #2. There Are Negative Side Effects With Enlargement Pills

Yet another myth about male enhancement pills has to do with the belief that there are all kinds of negative side effects. This is really not true, especially when it comes to the premium quality male enhancement pills, containing only natural ingredients. Thanks to these natural ingredients, there are no side effects whatsoever from taking these pills.

Myth #3. They Take Very Long Time to Show Results

Still another myth surrounding male enhancement pills is the belief that they take forever to actually show results. This again really could not be further from the truth. Once you start taking these pills, you will see a definitive IMPROVEMENT in your sexual performance and size within a few weeks. So there is certainly no agonizing period over results with them!

Myth #4. Male Enhancement Pills Causes Infertility

A common myth among men is that male enhancement products cause infertility in men by reducing the sperm counts. I have no idea why men think like that because in reality the opposite is true.

Yes you are right! If you use a good quality, all natural pill like XTL Plus™ pills, they actually help you increase the fertility. The natural ingredients used in these ayurvedic pills for male enhancement contain certain natural alkaloids which are proven to increase the sperm production. Thereby improving the sperm count and the likelihood to be more fertile.

Myth #5. The Use of male enhancement pills may increase the size of other organs

This is another misconception that is prevalent in some men. They think that if they use these pills all other organs like the heart, kidneys, spleen, etc will also increase in size. How is that possible? As a doctor I know that every medicine has a target where it works. A medicine made for combating malarial parasite is only active against the malaria parasite, a bactericidal antibiotic will act against the bacteria only, a medicine given for abdominal infection will act on the intestines only and similarly a male enhancement medicine will work on the penis tissues only. It has nothing to do with other organs and so the question of other organs enlarging does not arise at all.

Myth #6. Male Enhancement Pills cause an uncontrolled desire and erection

Some companies, both online and offline, claim that their product works instantly. Such products are often known to contain hidden ingredients that may be harmful for your health. When someone uses these pills he gets immediate erection and an uncontrolled desire to have sex.

On the other hand a natural product like Xtra Power male enhancement pill will not cause you immediate erection or desire. It will slowly work on your tissues to give you permanent results.

Myth #7. The Results Will Fade Away After The Treatment Is Over

This is also a frequently asked question by men. They think that the effect go away after they stop taking the medicine. This is completely wrong as the results achieved with a good quality male enhancement product remains permanent. It does not fade away as you may think. However if you use a cheap product the results may reduce after you stop using it.

Why Should You Use male enhancement Pills?

There are countless reasons why you should be using male enhancement pills and we can write pages over the topic but below we summarize the most important 14 reasons why these pills are good for your sexual health.

  1. Helps more blood flow to your genitals (required for erection)
  2. Improves Hormonal Secretion (specially testosterone, the male hormone)
  3. Increases Nitric Oxide Effect (required for strong erections)
  4. Helps in size improvement (result of above mentioned points)
  5. Removes asexuality
  6. Improves overall sex life
  7. Stops early ejaculation
  8. Improves general health condition
  9. Helps in Impotency
  10. Helps you achieve longer sexual sessions
  11. Boosts confidence and helps in depression
  12. Ensures meaningful relationships
  13. A more economical and safer alternative to surgeries.
  14. Improves fertility.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits of using male enlargement pills, now lets discuss each one in detail:

1. They Help More Blood To Flow In Your Reproductive System:

Having a lower blood flow in our reproductive system can lead to all those sexual dysfunctions. Just like other parts of our body, reproductive systems need at least a minimum to stay perfectly in shape.

These male enlargement pills are here just to make that happen. They increase the amount of blood flow giving your penis the boost it deserves.

2. They Increases The Hormonal Secretion:

Everybody knows that hormones are a crucial part of our body. Any variations in the hormonal level can cause a lot of problems. In this regard, testosterone and HGH or growth hormones are really important for men’s sexual life.

These hormones are responsible for making a man, a man. If by somehow these hormones are not sufficient enough, you’ll have manhood issues.

Male enlargement pills increases these hormonal secretion and makes you last even longer in bed.

3. Male Enlargement Pills Increases Nitric Oxide Effect:

Almost every natural male enlargement pills will make sure your body gets all the best output from Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a component that helps to make the penis hard and control the lasting time as well.

That’s why this component is the sole reason why men can’t get it up. Enlargement pills help here by making your body prone open to this component giving you a longer lasting experience every time.

4. It Gives the Size of Your Dreams

Men love male enlargement pills because of this reason mostly. Not all the men are born with the perfect size you know. Many men feel that their size is not enough to satisfy a women in bed.

And, sometimes that true. This issue is rather sensitive when it comes to men. Men view their penis size as their sign for manhood. So, the smaller size will definitely make them feel uncomfortable and mostly not “manly” enough.

Male enlargement pills helps to increase the size of the penis. Giving them exactly what they wished for.

5. Male Enlargement Helps You Get Rid Of Asexuality

It’s definitely a myth that there isn’t anything called asexuality. Because many men suffer from this problem. You can also call it a low libido problem. It’s typically seen within women but men are also a victim of this dysfunction.

Suffering from low libido, men lose all their interest in sexual activity. Sometimes it’s caused by stress or other hormonal issue. But being a sexual gender this happens to be a problem for men.

But after trying out male enlargement pills many men overcame their asexuality. It’s definitely a proven method to get it right.

6. A Thriving Sex Life

Most men admitted that their sex life changed drastically after they were on the pill. Not to brag, but these pills do make wonders happen changing your life for good.

The best part is that, it has a longer lasting effect than any other method. Increasing the strength, hardness, thickness will help you score your game in the bed.

And we all know how women feel about the thickness, don’t we? It’s a full proof way to get a thriving sex life indeed.

7. Stops Early Ejaculation

Another useful feature about this wonderful pill is that it stops premature cumming. So, if your worst nightmare is to cum really early even though you tried your best to keep it together, then you’ll also love these pills.

Men love these pills as they seem to have a more fulfilling sex life. Many men who use them on regular basis claimed that they have a longer lasting session every time now. No more being ashamed or hiding away from sex. It’s time for you to get to work and enjoy every single moment without any worries.

8. Improvement of Health

Don’t have a healthy body? Well, it’s not a surprise that men suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction will normally be of poor health. Once people try it on a regular basis, they’ll see significant amount of change in their body.

Well, having a bigger penis is just a plus point here. The pills are associated with other beneficial elements which tend to make men full energy and lively.

Being a man means having the right amount power and this pill does solely that. That’s why it’s so popular now.

9. Overcomes Impotency

Impotency is a curse in a man’s life. An impotent men feels depressed and disconnected with any kind of affection or whatsoever. Impotency can even ruin a happy marriage.

Men facing this problem can’t get their penises hard even after being aroused. It just won’t happen, this leads to severe depression and lack of confidence.

Male enlargement pills seems to help out a lot in this matter. All impotent men who have tried out these pills became a fan right away. Not only it helped them get their penises up but it also helped them go on for a longer time.

10. Helps To Go On For a Longer Session

This is another reason for men to love male enlargement pills. These pills help to go on for a surprisingly longer sessions. Many people nowadays use chemical products or pills to increase their time. But these chemical products also takes a great toll on the body.

After using them for regular basis, many men claimed they started suffering from sexual dysfunctions all on a sudden. But once they tried out natural based male enlargement pills all of their problems went away for good.

Having no side effects these supplements are the first choice of any men.

11. Boosts the Confidence Level

Having a bad sex life makes men lose their trust in themselves. This can lead to severe depression and anxiety issues. Knowing that a bad performance or a small penis can break all the confidence level for good.

But after trying out these pills many men claimed that they regained their confidence level. As male enlargement pills enhances the performances, most men start to feel confident in their shoe.

12. Ensures a Meaningful Relationship

Sex life is an important factor when it comes to relationships. Mostly men suffering from sexual dysfunctions go through a lot of stress which initially break up the relationship.

Everybody desires satisfaction. Not satisfying your partner in bed can eventually lead to disaster.

But male enlargement pills promotes a healthy sex life, giving the advantage of a meaningful relationship.

13. Last Longer Than Surgery

Male enlargement pills excel all other male enlargement procedures big time. Enlargement surgeries are not only costly but they also have a higher risk of complete dysfunction.

On the other hand, enhancement pills will give you the same output but at a much lower rate than surgeries. Gels or creams, whatever you try out, you’ll always find that these pills dosses them all.

14. Increases the Level of Your Fertility

Not all man take these pills just to be perfect on bed. Even though being perfect in sex won’t mean that you have a higher sperm count. So, while you are trying for a baby, low sperm count can be a huge problem.

Studies show that men who used these pills have higher sperm count than those who didn’t. That’s why it’s also popular among men who wants to start a family.

These are the most basic reasons why people love male enlargement pills. Male enlargement pills will not only fulfil all of your hidden desires, but it would also help you to become manlier than ever.

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