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we are FDA registered
We are FDA Registered

Xtra Large.in is an online platform owned and managed by the Rajshahi Healthcare. Based in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh (130 Kms from Delhi), established in 1963 we are a 55 years old healthcare organization. We are a complete healthcare unit, headed by one of India’s most trusted doctor, Dr. Saleem Zaidi. We not only sell highest quality herbal products but also consult and implement customized treatments as per the individual needs.

Our organization was founded by Dr. S.M.Mehmood in 1963 as a small clinic in a small town called Maali Khera. With the trust of our patients, support of our well wishers and business partners, today we have our patient base in more than 15 countries.

If you’re here, you already know how embarrassing it can be to visit a doctor’s clinic and discuss your sexual incompatibilities. According to survey conducted by Dr Andrew Yip, a veteran urologist in Hong Kong, only 10% of men with erectile dysfunction seek medical help. (Here is the link for this survey). Men have a tendency to either avoid / overlook their sexual inefficiency or to use anything suggested by their friends / colleagues. This attitude sometimes have a serious implication on your health and your unwillingness to discuss your issues with a doctor further deteriorates the condition. So, in order to make things simpler for you and to make it easier to discuss your issues and to bring the safest and highest quality herbal products to your doorstep Xtra Large.in was conceptualized.

As a top Ayurvedic company in India dedicated to the treatments of men’s sexual health problems, we comprise a team of dedicated doctors, herbalists and instructors with several years of experience in treating male sexual dysfunctions. Our team of expert doctors are passionate about making your life simpler, healthier and richer by giving you top quality herbal products, personalized advice and care.

Why Choose xtralarge.in?

  • An Ethics-led Company Dedicated To Men’s Health:

We are an ethics-led healthcare company that does not promise you magical results overnight like many other companies do. Instead we’re realistic and recommend what you, with your current scenario can do to improve your sexual health. And this also means providing sustainable long-term effects to improve your penis health.

  • Certified Healthcare Company:

We are a Certified Healthcare Company – Our MD, Dr. Saleem Zaidi is a licensed, Govt Registered (Bhartiya Chikitsa Parishad Registration No 13745) medical practitioner who specializes in treating sexual dysfunctions of men and women through his extensive knowledge of ancient ayurvedic and Unani herbal and minerals. Our company is well registered with the required local laws.

  • 100000+ Satisfied Customers:

We have more than 100000 satisfied customers spread across the globe (mainly India). See how the actual customers who have ordered products / services from us have to say about us. Check out our Testimonials and ratings.

  • Cost-Effective Price:

Our products may seem expensive at first glance, but consider buying several low grade products and services and the time that you waste over them. Consider the mental stress and anxiety that you feel during the treatment and frustration that breaks your heart when nothing works for you. Isn’t it great to have a higher quality, result oriented product that helps you realize a better sexual health even if it costs you a few bucks more!

Our Service Locations

Though we are based in Amroha, our services are not restricted to Amroha only. We provide highest quality services all over India. Not only this, we also serve clients from several English and non English speaking countries. From India to the US to Canada to United Kingdom to Australia to Japan to Malaysia to Singapore, we serve most of the major countries.

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