What Is The Average Human Penis Size?

average penis size

Nearly all men are insecure about their penis size. No matter how big you are, the thought of having some more never subsides.

What is the average penis size? Many scholars have tried to answer this simple question, but the information is not easily accessible, or if accessible is not based on facts but presumptions. I know, you want a clear and truthful answer. So here we put forward all the facts, data and analysis that has been carried out to find out the average penis size.

Why Does It Matter To You?

You might ask why do I bother knowing about the average penis size?

All I know is that my size is small and it should be increased with the help of penis enlargement medicines, massage and exercise, if possible. Well, let me tell you why it is important to know about it. Because, 80% of the men have average penis size of 5.5 – 5.8 inches and this is sufficient to sexually satisfy most females, but still due to misleading information, and out of fantasies and becoming a superman leads to low self-esteem and decreased libido. It is important for all adult men (especially in their early 20s and 30s to be aware of what is considered normal and that there is no need to have a larger than life tool at all. In fact, in certain cases, women complain of having immense pain and discomfort with larger penises as compared to the average ones.

The Penis Size Survey

A survey was conducted by Ansell Research on 401 volunteers in 2001. Out of the 401 volunteers, 300 volunteers were the active participants in the survey as the remaining 101 volunteers were unable to attain an erection for proper measurement. The findings of the survey are as follows:

  1. The average size of erect penis was found to be 5.8 inches. The lowest size being 5.5 while the largest being 6.3 inches.
  2. The average girth of the erect penis was calculated at 4.97 inches.The lowest girth measured was 4.7 inches while the biggest being 5.1 inches.

The survey concludes that in most cases the size of penis is less than 6 inches while the girth measures just around the 5 inches mark in most cases.

So Do You Need Penile Augmentation?

It is easy for a man to consider himself smaller in size, but ask yourself once if you really need penile length augmentation procedures or treatment? The American Urological Association suggests that only if your size is less than 4 cm in flaccid state or less that 7.5 cm in the erect state, you should consider a penile lengthening procedure. Anything north of this size is absolutely normal and there is no need for enlargement in such candidates.

Why Do You Develop The Low Size Anxiety?

Penis is one organ of the body which is of utmost importance for a man. Right from the emergence of adolescence men start to develop a feeling of insecurity related to the size of their penis. Inaccurate sex education and lack of proper guidance leads the person to believe what he sees in adult pictures and movies. When a person watches a larger than life size in an adult movie he gradually starts to develop a sense of inferiority. The thoughts of having below normal penis size start popping out of his mind all the time. This feeling gradually becomes more and more intense over time and the person looses his self confidence leading to further sexual disorders and depression.

So what is the minimum size required to have a satisfactory intercourse?

Well theoretically if you posses anything near 3 inches after erection you may be fully fit to do a successful intercourse and satisfy your partner. As per the anatomical structure of the female vagina only the outer 3 centimeters are sensitive to sexual stimulus while rest of the vagina does not play any role in the reception of sexual pleasure. This sounds good and very pleasing to most of you but is it really that simple? Will you practically be able to satisfy women with a tiny 3 inch dick? Well there is no definite answer to this. May be yes, or may be no. Confused… right! We tell you why. Actually sex is a very personal thing. Every body including men and women have their own tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. Something which is looking good and enjoyable to you may not be as enjoyable or lovable thing to others. It’s all a matter of personal taste. So while some women have no special liking for a big cock, others may be more attracted towards a bigger one. While some women like it a more gentle way, some women like it to be extra-ordinary and more painful. So practically someone having a three inch penis may be adequate to satisfy a given women who has no special demands and fantasies, but it may be quite unsatisfactory situation for a woman with more willingness to go extreme. Specially in today’s life where every information is available at the click of a button, thanks to the wide spread use of internet and social media, even Indian women are finding newer things and exploring their fantasies. And consequently their expectations in the real world are also getting higher.

So the conclusion is that theory and practicality are two different sides of a coin. Although both represent the same thing it’s purely a matter of personal taste and choice which propels you to explore more. And thus there is nothing as a perfect size or required size. A three-inch size can be a better option for someone with full satisfaction with it while an 8 inch long can be insufficient for someone. So for all you men looking to enlarge their penis, it’s an advice to be on the safer side and learn to perform well in bed, you never know when your partner is going to complain?