8 Ayurvedic Medicines For Premature Ejaculation (Backed By Science)

ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic alternative medicines in the world. Originated in India, it is well known for efficiently preventing, managing, and treating numerous ailments. Ayurveda is primarily chosen by people as it uses natural herbs to formulate medicines rather than pure chemicals. In this article, we are going to discuss ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation. By the time you end up reading this whole article, you will come to know about the top 8 ayurvedic medicines that can help you in curing premature ejaculation permanently.

Now let’s come to the topic, premature ejaculation. This is the condition where you end up ejaculating either before or shortly after sexual penetration. In Ayurveda, it’s called Shukragatavata. This leads to unsatisfactory sex for both partners.

Some people may even end up orgasming within a minute, terribly annoying, isn’t it? This early climaxing often causes anxiety and frustrations in people and often it results in complete abstinence from sex.

Now, this is not a pleasant thing. As humans, we have sexual desires and without them, our lives start being bland. But, worry not, Ayurveda has some remedies which can ward off these sexual concerns and help you to last longer in bed and spice up your life once more!

A branch of Ayurveda, Vajikarana, that deals with all the sexual concerns has something in store for you! Below discussed are some of the ayurvedic herbs that might help you do delay climaxing and enjoy longer-lasting sex as per Vajikarana. So, let us begin, but remember, even if there are general dosages for each herbal medicine, getting advice from an ayurvedic practitioner is always recommended.

1. Brahmi (Bacopamonnieri Linn)

brahmi is an ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation

Brahmi is water hyssop or thyme-leaved gratiola. It is well known ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation. It is used for boosting manliness and sexual drive in males. Brahmi can also reduce the instance of premature ejaculation in males if consumed in an adequate manner.

It can be consumed as a powder or as raw leaves steeped in tea, water, or honey. Charaka Samhita, an ayurvedic text mentions Brahmi to be an effective herb against early ejaculation.

There are studies that show how effectively Brahmi can combat sexual inadequacy without having any side effects. Its anti-anxiety and adaptogenic nature immensely helps in this case. If you are wondering what an adaptogen is, it is the stuff that helps the body to deal with physical and emotional stress.

One of the main problems in premature ejaculation is stress. It is noted that higher stress can cause premature ejaculations which in turn can cause more stress in individuals. Brahmi has stress-relieving properties that help the individual to relax in general and while engaging in sexual activities as well.

2. Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera)

ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation ashwagandha

As told earlier, stress can negatively affect your sexual drive that can in turn cause problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Here is where the importance of Ashwagandha comes into the limelight.

This is the herb that has potential stress-relieving aphrodisiac, sedative, rejuvenative, and life-prolonging properties.

A mixture of 5 g of ashwagandha powder with ghee or milk can be consumed daily. This will prolong your ejaculation and also uplift your overall health. Ashwagandha also helps in building up your sexual desire and endurance. It is a safe ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation that promotes healthy sperm production and retention, thus delaying your climax.

3. Jatiphala (Myristicafragrans Houtt)

nutmeg can cure premature ejaculation

Jatiphala is what we call nutmeg. It is commonly used in preparing various dishes. Besides being flavourful, it is also a potential agent to treat sexual dysfunction in males. It is also notorious for its nervous stimulant, carminative, aromatic, tonic, aphrodisiac, and anti-inflammatory properties.

In an animal study, it was found out that Jatiphala can reduce the initial and peak arousal time period thus facilitating sexual arousal.  In another research, it was found that administration of 50% ethanolic extract of a single dose of Nutmeg and Clove, and Penegra resulted in an uptick in the mating performance.

In a research study, Jatiphala was found effective in improving libido and performance in male patients with sexual inadequacy. It also enhances intimate desires without showing any side effects. If you are already taking certain drugs for premature ejaculation, then Jatiphala helps in enhancing its effects.

You can either include this in your diet or opt for ayurvedic formulation with Jatiphala. Regular consumption of it will uplift your sex life. A pinch or two of its powder is enough. You can also mix the powder with honey, ghee, tea, or coffee.

4.   Amlaki (Emblicaofficinalis Garten)

ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation with amla

Amlaki is commonly known as Indian gooseberries and has been preferred for building up lost vitality and endurance in various traditional systems of medicine, including folklore Ayurveda.

Numerous researches authenticate its diuretic, laxative, liver tonic, refrigerant, restorative, antipyretic, anti‑inflammatory, analgesic, antiatherogenic, adaptogenic, cardioprotective, anti anaemic, antihypercholesterolemic, wound healing, antidiarrheal, nephroprotective, and neuroprotective and anticarcinogenic properties.

It is said to increase sperm production and help with any semen-related issues like erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. Amala enhances the retention of semen and thus can combat early ejaculation. An increase in overall health and well-being also has a positive effect on one’s sexual drive.

It can either be consumed as it is or in the form of ayurvedic formulations. It is best when taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. Its powder can be combined with water or honey and consumed.

5.  Gokshura (Tribulusterrestris)

This small leafy plant has immense antioxidant properties and also aids in the reduction of blood sugar levels, uplifts women’s health, decreases blood pressure, reduces inflammation, treats kidney stones, and provides pain relief.

Apart from all the above health benefits, it is also an excellent ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation. The regular consumption of Gokshura will hike up your sexual desire and thus enhance your sexual performance. Also, it enhances penile strength and delays climax. This is because this herb tends to increase the production of natural androgens in the body.

This herb also increases blood circulation and muscular development in males along with the active conversion of testosterone into the potent dihydrotestosterone. Thus the overall health along with sexual dysfunction is taken care of.

Gokshura is available in powdered and tablet forms in the market. If taken as a powder, 4-5 teaspoons of it, in water or milk after the meals is recommended or as directed by the doctor.

6. Erandamoola (Ricinuscommunis Linn.)

ayurvedic medicine for quick discharge

Erandamoola is the castor plant’s roots that are used to pacify Vata dosha and as an aphrodisiac. In Ayurveda, aggravated Vata is said to be the underlying cause of premature ejaculation. Vata is a crucial constituent in our bodies that determines basic and vital bodily functions.

It helps in delaying the orgasm and enables long-lasting sex. It also helps in raising the sperm count and sperm motility. Erandamoola also reduces anxiety and stress in individuals that further boosts sexual confidence and also prevents untimely ejaculation.

It is better to consume Erandamoola as ayurvedic formulations as it requires some pretreatments before eating. These are now available in powder and tablet forms that can be conveniently consumed.

Acharya Charaka has called Erandamoola the best Vrishya drug. Vrishya in Ayurveda includes treatments for sexual inefficiency.

7. Putranjeevaka (Drypetesroxburghii)


Putrajeevaka is another effective ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation. Putranjeevaka is a herb whose seeds have the potential to increase sexual desire, penile erection, penile rigidity, and most importantly, ejaculation time orgasm score and duration of the sexual act. Also, significant improvement in sperm and a drop in immotile defective sperms are observed.

They can be consumed in powdered form or in combinations with other such herbs as in ayurvedic formulations. If consumed regularly, this will give your sexual life a glow-up.

The beneficial effects of Putranjeevaka have been shown in several research studies. These are available in the market which can be powdered and used. About 3-8 grams of powder in cow’s milk, one hour before the meals, twice daily is recommended.

8. Kaunchbeej (Mucuna pruriens)

mucuna seeds

Kaunch beej is commonly known as Cowhage in English. This is also a very efficient ayurvedic medicine for early ejaculation. This is popularly known as ‘the magic velvet bean’. These beans are known for their immense aphrodisiac properties. It helps in increasing the sperm count and enhancing the sexual drive.

This ayurvedic herb is available as powder as well as capsule forms. If taking the capsule, one capsule a day is usually sufficient. If in powder form, a quarter or half a teaspoon of powder either in milk or water. Milk being its best combination is highly recommended.

Parting Words

These are some of the best ayurvedic medicines widely used for treating premature ejaculation. Even if these are effective when consumed alone, having them in combination will be a good option to consider. In ayurvedic formulations, the aphrodisiac properties of each herb tend to resonate and thus better results can be expected.

Apart from these herbs, mineral compounds like, Swarnabhasma (gold powder) and Rasa sindhura (a mercury-based formulation) are used against premature climaxing. This has been proven to be effective against men’s sexual dysfunction.

Manasamitravataka, Rasayanavati, and Katphaladikwatha are some of the ayurvedic formulations that help with this concern and aids in combating early climaxing. These also increase the sexual drive and overall well-being of the individual.

Panchakarma procedures are five Ayurvedic methods of body cleansing,  like vasti- in which various medicated oil and decoction edemas are given and Shirodhara in which continuous oil drips on the forehead. These two also have been proven to be effective against premature ejaculation.

So that’s it. Hope you have got an idea of how we can use naturally treat premature ejaculation effectively with no side effects at all. Still, have some doubts? Comment below!