How To Deal With A Small Penis?

how to deal with a small penis

Do you ever wonder why your penis might be smaller than average? This is often a question for many guys. And with the prevalence of porn and other media, sometimes a fixation on penis size comes about.  Not only that, some men might feel like they aren’t performing well due to size. Here you will learn how to deal if you have a smaller penis.

Determine If It Is Micro-penis?

Now, this isn’t just your “below average” penis. This is a very tiny penis, and less than one percent have one of these.

These are usually only about 2-3 inches, and often, it can be a huge confidence shatter for some. Often, the way they cope with this is via learning sex positions in order to please the woman. Some people might consider surgery, but it’s often a huge risk. Most of the time though, this is something that you learn early on.

Now, penis size can be determined by genetics. With the case of a micropenis, this happens during the fetal stage, at as young as about 8 weeks old. By 12 weeks, the penis starts to grow, and during the latter trimesters, the hormones will make it grow to normal length. Now, obviously, if you don’t have the hormones there, you’re not going to have a big penis.

Hormonal issues are often what cause a micropenis, or even a smaller penis. However, if you want to have a bigger one, you can get testosterone shots that will stimulate the growth of the penis. Now, if it’s effective or safe is really still up in the air, but the treatment doesn’t change the development during puberty.

For most with micropenises, you should either get a prosthesis to help with compensation, or consider testosterone. A surgery could be there, but it’s risky.

Does diet Affect Penis Size?

Diet really doesn’t affect this sort of thing. When it comes to penis size, all too often, our diets don’t have much of a reason behind this.

Now for some situations, it is of consideration that diet might be a part of it, especially in terms of foods with testosterone. Sometimes having more foods that are testosterone-heavy tend to help with the penis size, although that is debatable as well.

Some people might think that surgery is the way to do it, but that’s not the case. It’s risky, and there are too many factors in it that make it almost too dangerous to even try. It’s not recommended and not what should be done.

Is there something Wrong with A Small Penis?

You might wonder if there is something wrong with small penis size. You might wonder if a small penis is some sort of strange condition. That isn’t the case.

It actually isn’t a terrible thing because often, most people put their size as something below average when in reality it is actually average size, or even above average.

Often, some people think their penis size is too small, too big, too slender, too thick, all of these things. Porn doesn’t help with this either, because often they show you those giant fat penises, and that isn’t the case.

Often, most people have a penis that is about 5 inches long on average. The average is a means that they take whenever they get a whole bunch of guys, add up the measurements, and divide it. It’s not totally reliable. However, it definitely could mess with a person’s head.

When it comes to the size, often you’re measuring up against an average mean that is established by others. It might not even mean anything, it’s just the average. Think about that the next time you’re wondering.

How to deal with a Small Penis

  • Penis Enlargement Pills

Herbal penis enlargement supplements like the XTL Plus capsule can be very helpful in gaining size the healthy and safe way.

  • Love Yourself

You might wonder how to deal with it. Well first, if you think you’re small  just don’t fret about it. It’s the size that’s intended for the body, and it’s what your genetics have determined. You should first of all start to love yourself, and love all of you, that includes your penis. Don’t be ashamed by it or anything. just realize the size, learn to appreciate it, and from there, do what you feel is right.

  • Bigger Is Not Always Better

Now, when it comes to sex, one of the big things that you have to realize is having a below average dick isn’t the end of the world. You actually can still have awesome sex, even with a smaller penis. That’s because not every woman is the same. Some women tend to like larger penises, because that’s what they’ve gotten, and that’s what will hit the right notes. Other women tend to go towards penises that are smaller, often because of the sheer size of them, since often the smaller ones fit better inside of them.

  • Try Devices Avoid Penis Enhancement Surgery

Now, you can get one of those penis extension devices if you’re really feeling like you’re not matching up to the level that you want to be for your partner. Now, as said before, surgery is risky, and it can actually cause more problems than it’s worth, including actually messing up the totality of the function of your penis.

  • Learn The Art and Science Of Sex

If size is the issue, you can make up for it in different ways. One of the ways, is to start focusing on another part of the woman.

Most believe that penetrative sex is the only way to give a woman pleasure, but that isn’t the case. In fact, penetrative sex does work well, but there is another area that does the job a whole lot more. That is the clitoris. The clitoris is a bundle of nerves that if you stimulate the woman, it’ll create more pleasure for them, and it can even cause an orgasm to happen.

If you’re worried about pleasuring the woman with your penis due to size constraints, then definitely consider adding this to your repertoire. You can pleasure the woman with your hand against there, or mouth, or you can even angle your penis in a manner that will allow it to hit this bundle of nerves, which in turn will make the woman a whole lot happier as well.

  • Try Different Sex Positions

Now, one of the big problems with a small penis is that you can’t get deep penetration. You just can’t. You should try to get some positions that will allow for a deeper entrance. If you’re worried you might not be doing enough, there are a few that work really well.

Now the missionary position, with a pillow under the bottom, works a lot for the woman, since you’re angling the hips up, and when you push into there, it will definitely make her feel good. Plus, it’s a good angle to hit the clitoris, and it definitely is something that you should consider.

Doggy style is another, but if you want to get in deeper, have the woman push her legs together. This in turn will create better friction, allowing you to penetrate deeper, and making you feel so much better as well.

Now, the final position is the woman face down with her legs together and the man entering from behind with his knees outside of her legs. This is one that does feel a bit different, and it does take some getting used to, but it can be fun.

  • Try Anal Sex

Now, if you’re tried that, added some foreplay, and the like, but you feel like you’re still not measuring up, you should consider anal sex. The anus is a lot tighter, and you’ll feel the friction more. Not only that, the penetration can feel a whole lot deeper since t is tighter. Small is actually advantageous when it comes to this sort of activity, and it can definitely help out a whole lot as well.

Final Words

You should also take out of the equation the fact that there are other penises out there. Some women might like larger, some might like smaller. Don’t measure yourself up to others. You can try to take supplements if you feel like this is something that you need, but if not, then that’s on you.

There are some great supplements out there though, ones that are natural. If you are going to use a supplement to increase the size of your penis, you should definitely go for one with natural products, and one that will allow you to have a better size.

Finally, just remember that some people are different. Women like a smaller penis because they’re scared of a huge penis penetrating them. Some people also want more girth, and there is the argument that girth matters more than length. Feeling full is another consideration, since often, the anterior parts of a woman’s vagina don’t have as many nerves. The important thing to remember is that sometimes you might feel like you have a small penis. Talk to your doctor about it if so, and if that’s the case, see what you can do to make it feel bigger, and what you can do to be happy with your penis size.

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