13 Best Tips To Have More Sex in Marriage

how to have more sex in marriage

Of course, great sex feels like doing more and more. It invokes those same romantic triggers in you which you see in make-out movies. There’s a lot to explore about healthy sex, especially if you are a married man.

Satisfying the woman in the bed is the pride of every man. Your lady means the world to you, and the best way to reward her with all the pampering things she does for you and your loved ones is to satisfy her sexual desires. If you are a married man, you must learn about how to have more sex in marriage.

Many men think that taking sex power medicine is the only way to improve your sexual health. But by following the basic tips for healthy sex, your cardiovascular health gets improved.

In a study, it is found that if you are engaged in physical intimacy more than twice a week, your risk of a heart attack gets lower compared to the men who indulge in sexual pleasure less than once a month.

What Is Sex: Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

Penile-Vaginal Intercourse (PVI), or sexual activity, is a crucial factor in everyone’s life. Sex is not only restricted to reproduction; it’s more about pleasure, intimacy. Apart from it, as we mentioned above, you will get the benefits of healthy sex in life facets.

Both men and women, when undergoing a good sexual pleasure, increases their chances to remain stress-free socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically.

Quick Overview Of The Benefits You Get From Healthy Sex

  • Your calories get burned.
  • You get improved heart health.
  • Your muscles get strengthened.
  • From hypertension to heatstroke, you lower down the risk.

These benefits show results when you combine healthy dietary changes with other lifestyle modifications like remaining physically fit.

Why Man Should Learn About Having A Great Sex?

An orgasmic sex life comes with great sex, and with great sex, your entire health remains maintained – as per the study.

A man with sorted healthy eating habits like no smoking and alcohol feels more confident – both physically and mentally.

Also, the healthy working of your penis is associated more with blood pressure. In short, what’s good for your heart is obviously excellent for your sexual power.

In this article, I will be focusing exclusively on the 13 best sex tips to have more sex in marriage.

Here are the 13 basic tips that will help you rekindle the passion in your marriage.

1. Remain Active

Staying active for sex in your relationship is the first key to have great sex with your partner.

The ideal way men can improve their sexual performance is by performing cardiovascular exercise.

In a study, it is found that this exercise is helpful for erectile dysfunction. Good sex, when amalgamated with regular exercise, is considered best to keep your heart and sexual performance in shape.

Perform swimming, running, cycling if you want to improve your libido.

2. Mutually Discuss What Sex Means To You

Share what you feel about sex with your partner. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of your partner’s feelings and desires about sex.

You must realize that sex isn’t a one-way street – It’s all about giving and take – in terms of physical pleasures.

This will help to remove awkwardness during your romantic moments.

Doing this in an organized way will allow you to deliver what your woman wants from you in bed.

3. Perform Kegel Exercise

Men should not underestimate the importance of Kegel Exercise for improved sexual performance.

Your muscles below the bladder get strengthened, which you do in controlled urination.

This exercise is easy to perform for both men and women with multiple benefits.

4. Stop The Routine Sex

Don’t blame your sex game is becoming boring if you are still doing sex like a routine.

As a man of your lady, you must think of how you can spice up your intimate moments with your lady.

According to the trusted data, both men and women lose the flame of romance if sex is routine.

If you are among one of those couples who are done with date nights, pillow talks, and haven’t been over the routine sex, you must think about role-playing sex – a creative way to spice up your intimate moments.

Try gravitating towards different sex positions and get over that usual position you are enough of trying.

This is how you can remove the monotonous sex with your partner.

5. Play With Her Clitoris And Masturbate Together

Ever thought of pleasing yourself in front of your partner?

If not, then you have seriously missed something very important.

Sometimes, some men can’t give their best sexual performance is their problem in the longevity of sex.

However, it can be improved with practiced masturbation. And what could be the best way to practice masturbation pleasures in front of each other before or during, or after your intimate moments.

Masturbating allows your lady to see you moaning and screaming her name, which helps in building intimacy.

However, masturbation, if practiced carefully, has plenty of benefits. But if you rush through it and perform it every day, it reduces your performance with your lady.

6. Don’t Allow Your Bad Habits To Kill Your Sexual Performance

You must kick your bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption if you want to improve your sexual performance to its fullest.

The additional study depicts that carrying bad habits that affects your health and sperm count is directly linked to the performance of your sex.

The same study suggests that consumption of red wine in a small amount can improve blood circulation.

Too much alcohol consumption is not suggested. Replace your bad habits with healthy eating habits and stretch, tone, and purify your mind with meditation, physical exercise to improve your sexual health.

7. Eat Foods That Improves Your Blood Flow

If you are a male reader, you must eat vegetables or fruits and meats or any food that contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B-1.

It is suggested to take for better blood flow along with balancing hormonal levels that helps to maintain an erection for a longer duration.

Food and vegetables like Ginger, Bananas, Chillies are all provided benefits to your important sexual parts.

Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are olive oil, salmon, tuna, etc. Eggs, peanuts are also suggested to consume to lower stress during sexual intimacy.

8. Reclaim Your Sexual Power In A Fresh Way

Do you want to spark romance? Indulge in a creative thing together.

Form a connection with your body first in order to form a connection with your beloved one’s body!

Some couples are prone to sadness, depression.

You can bring new ideas to spice your bedroom romance by watching romantic porn together or reading erotic stories.

Experts say that a couple who remains creative together forms a better sense of intimacy amidst the romantic moments. This is medical terms called creating dopamine with the help of sex educators.

9. Upgrade Your Sex Knowledge By Attending Online Sex Class

YES! Sex education is not only for the children’s only! It’s for the adults too!

Taking a class of sex together and using your off days to practice it – will make you a master in what your lady loves from you!

These days you can find online sex classes easily.

In these classes, you learn about new sex positions, foreplay techniques, and what environment is considered best to enjoy great sex.

The pro tip we suggest is to find a welcoming sex educator if you want to have fun learning new techniques.

10. Keep Your Sexual Hygiene Maintained

Forgetting about your sexual hygiene is the worst thing a man could do himself. Keep your penis clean by avoiding the foul smell.

Foul smell around the penis occurs when semen buildup happens.

Don’t believe that sex is a messy thing in fact, find its limits to how gross you should become.

You must take care of basic hygiene like washing hands before and after your sexual moments.

This you must do to avoid letting any bacteria enter your partner’s intimate area.

11. Drive Her Crazy By Understanding Her Arousing Body Parts

An orgasm a day keeps the stress away – certified study concluded this statement.

But how do you give your lady an orgasm every time?

YES! You can give your woman the orgasm she loves by giving her earth-shattering vaginal orgasm by understanding her G-Spot.

The only easy to find way to locate the G-Spot is sexual exploitation.

If you ask me, you can find your lady’s G-Spot by giving her a massage, then open her vagina before inserting your finger or your penis.

There are sex positions to experience G-Spot stimulation during your sexual activity.

A few sexual positions like Doggy Style, Cowgirl, missionary position (closed) give men more control over their strokes while banging their beloved!

12. Cuddle Her After Ejaculation

It’s called showing aftercare the sex.

If you really embrace your moments with your beloved, as a man, you must think beyond giving her orgasm only.

Embracing your partner’s feelings and showing her your warmness by hugging her is often overrated by most men but should not be by you if you want to communicate affection and a deeper level of intimacy with your girl.

13. If Nothing Else Works, Find A Medical Help

For some people, sex might turn into a boring encounter, and the reasons could be anything like medical conditions, stress, and loss of passion.

In such a case, a person must seek help from a medical expert or sexologist.

If you have serious problems like erectile dysfunction or other penis-related problems, you must not hesitate to consult an expert’s advice for any kind of sex-related tips.

But the basic idea to spice up your sexual life is to eat healthily, remain active, and stretch your mind, body, and soul with mindful practices.

That’s All, Readers…

There are many other things men should know about basic sex.

One should not forget the art of mastering foreplay and good communication about what you want.

Also, remember that good sex is all about taking time with full enjoyment.

No men should rush towards ejaculation only during sex.

Instead, oral sex and other stimulation could do the magic for you!

Rough sex sounds like a good option for men, but it’s actually not the same experience for women.

As a man, you must safely exchange your thoughts about penetrating sex – (narrate exactly or the best you could do is to show them what you are expecting).

Understand the small line between pleasure and pain.

If you would like to see any other tips added to this list, drop your comments down!

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