How to Increase Penis Size Without Failure?

how to increase penis size

For men who have tried almost every penis enlargement medicine, but still haven’t been able to see any positive results, it is easy to lose hope.

It is tempting to fall into the belief that you were meant to be this way and that life will never change for you now.

Fortunately that is not the life for you, if you wish so. For men, who would like to see some big changes down there, there are some sure shot ways to get incredible results. It sounds too good to be true but people have experienced results and it has changed their lives.

Your penis is a delicate organ that has many functions and it is also used for one of the most pleasurable functions that you can think of. However, if you have a small penis, it can become a symbol of shame and defeat for you – affecting your self confidence and therefore your personality.

A small penis size can be a real disappointment and a dampener to your confidence. Even though the size of your genitals is a very private thing, more often than not men with small penises find it difficult to come to terms with their size. They feel uncomfortable in bed, and the lack of confidence about their sexual prowess could lead to a lowered libido and even other sexual problems.

While physiologically there are no harms of a small penis, your self-image can take a huge hit if your penis size is smaller than what you believe to be average. Fortunately, there are ways in which this size can be increased. If you are wondering how to increase penis size, the answer is simple – through Knowledge, Care and Determination.

Men, who are looking for methods and techniques to enlarge their penises, have tried a lot of different tips and tricks, but most of them end up disappointed or injured. Unfortunately, the information about the various techniques that can be used for increasing penis size, is very sketchy. Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, a lot of men do not seek professional counsel and help to get adequate and correct information about their condition.

The information is out there, but authentic, unbiased and true information is not always easily available. So here we discuss some of the most popular methods and techniques used by men to increase their penis size.

You can increase your penis size by choosing any of the below mentioned methods:

  1. Penis Enlargement Pills
  2. Oils and gels
  3. Penis Pumps
  4. Hand exercises like Jelqing, Kegel and Ballooning
  5. Stretching Devices
  6. Weight Hanging
  7. Penis Implants and Plastic Surgery

Out of these most popular methods for penis enlargement the first three are the most popular among men. The stretching devices and weight hanging techniques are less popular followed by implants and plastic surgery which are rarely adopted by men, specially in developing countries like India.

Measure Your Penis Size First

how to enlarge penis

To start a treatment for penis enlargement you should first know your present size. This will help you set a goal to achieve in a more realistic manner. There is no point running around penis enlargement techniques blindly without even knowing what you want out of it. So first things first, before starting out your long and tedious journey of penis enlargement measure your penis size first.

To properly measure the size of your penis, start by measuring its length during a normal erection. To do this, stand up and then hold the erect penis perpendicular to your body. Place the measuring ruler very close to your penis and ensure that you are starting at the pubic bone and measure up to the penis’s head tip. You can also measure the penis without an erection. To do this, you must standup and ensure that your right knee is adjacent to your left knee. Hold your penis from the area below its head and drag it towards the front. Place a ruler next to it and perpendicular to your pubic bone. Take the measurement using the ruler up to the penis’s head tip.

To measure the circumference of your penis during a normal erection, you will need a measuring tape. However, you should remember to take this measurement on the area which represents your penis’s length. And if you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use a string instead. Start by placing a knot close to the string’s end. Wrap this string around your erect penis and remember to hold this string adjacent to the string’s knot. Then, place this string on the ruler to hold it where you first grasped and then determine the string’s length from the grasping point up to the knot. This method will provide you with the actual circumference of your penis.

And to measure the length of your penis during a normal relaxation, you should use your fingers. 4 or 5 fingers in this method will represent the length of your penis. You can also measure it using a ruler which you should place above the penis and push the other side of this ruler towards your abdomen. You should record the penis’s length starting from its base towards its head. Before taking the measurement, you should lie on the back and then use your fingers or the ruler to record the length. If you possible, you should record the shortest length possible.

See If You Need To Enlarge Your Penis Size?

Once you have correctly measured your dick size, evaluate your condition and see if you really need to improve your size or there is something else that needs your attention.

Medical practitioners believe that a penis which measures more than 5.1 inches, when erect, is considered normal. Popular media would have you believe that a small penis size would ruin your sex life and that women care deeply about their sexual partner’s penis size. Evidence suggests that though women do not completely discount the size of a male penis, and though a very small penis (less than 3.5 inches) would be considered a disappointment during sexual intercourse, women tend to rate the penis size much lower than some of the other attributes of their partner. However, all women and different and for some women, it may be important to have sexual fulfillment, which a small penis may not provide. In such cases, you would need penis enlargement.

Chose the Enlargement Method Wisely

We have already discussed the popular list of penis enlargement techniques above. Now once you have made your mind and you are ready start the treatment, it is important that you see at all the methods available to you, know their pros and cons, see availability, affordability etc and then decide. Remember, dick enlargement is a lengthy process, it takes a lot of time and pateince to see the slightest results. So if you choose the inappropriate method in the first place, chances are you will waste a lot of time and money in the process and the end result will be zero.

Below we discuss the available methods for penis enlargement in detail so you can make an informed decision.

1. Penis Enlargement Pills

Advantages of Penis Enlargement Pills: Some pills may contain only natural herbs. These pills, are completely safe and have no side effects. Since the products are natural, they may also improve other aspects of your sexual health apart from your penis size. They are cheap, easily available and can be home delivered. Disadvantages: Some pills may contain hormone supplements which should not be consumed without the prescription or supervision of a medical practitioner. Hormone supplements may cause other problems in your body and therefore should be avoided unless medically prescribed. Some of these pills may have no effect on your penis size.
penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement is a highly specialized medical area where not much progress has happened despite years of research. Surgical techniques have failed to provide any reasonable breakthroughs in penile enlargement, leaving thousands of men wanting more. Where medicine could not help us, nature and Ayurveda gave the answers. Today, there are many Ayurvedic and natural products that can be safely used to increase penis size without having any side effects. These pills, apart from being highly effective, are also reasonably priced and therefore within reach for most men. Since they are completely natural, and their natural ingredients have many other health benefits as well, you will be able to see many added benefits apart from increased penis size.

An increasing number of penis enlargement pills in the markets may confuse anyone. Most of these pills promise great results with no side effects. While some of these pills are actually beneficial, a lot of them are only making tall claims and sending sales pitches towards you. Ideally, enlargement pills that promise you slow and steady gains, are the ones to trust. Anyone who promises you unrealistic results, is probably only trying to fleece you of your money. Herbal pills have minimal side effects with maximum benefits. Since they are made of herbs, they have several health benefits other than increasing the size of your penis. A lot of these pills can help treat other conditions such as nightfall, poor libido, low stamina, erectile dysfunction and infertility as well. So make sure you get a consultation and read the reviews as well as ingredient list before you purchase any pills.

Types of Male Enlargement Pills

If you are wondering how to enlarge penis, all you have to do is select the right kind of pills for you. There are many in the market, but do not get taken in by the marketing hype. Several of these pills are not as effective as they claim. If you feel a particular pill is making claims that are too good to be true, they perhaps are. Best is to focus on herbal pills that have all natural ingredients. Look for pills that claim to give you slow but steady growth. Stay away from those that have chemical components, or claim to be able to add several inches within a few weeks. Usually, it takes about 3 to 5 months for most men to gain size on their penis. However, owing to different body mechanics, some men may begin to see the difference within a few weeks. Still, just because someone else gained the size they wanted in just one month but you could not, it is not wise to give up on the pills completely. Keep taking them for the prescribed period before you give up and move on.

How do These Pills Work?

The basic science behind these enlargement pills is increased blood flow to the penis. Like all other vital organs of the body, the penis too needs nutrition. With increased blood flow to your male member, you will not only meet your male organ enlargement goals, but will also be able to gain other benefits such as stronger erections, higher libido and increased stamina. They may also improve your sperm quality, making you more fertile. Additional benefits include treatment of erectile dysfunction, curing of premature ejaculation and treatment of nightfall. Since the pills are made of natural herbs and ingredients, they offer you all these benefits without causing you any harm or side effects.

How Long Do I have to take Pills?

Every pill takes some time to work its magic. Almost all of them come with a set of instructions. If someone has prescribed these pills, they will tell you how long you have to take them for. If you are purchasing over the counter pills, they will have instructions about how long you have to use them. In most cases, these pills have to be used for at least 3 to 5 months for best results.

2. Gels and Lotions For Male Enhancement

penis enlargement oil

Most of these gels and lotions contain corticosteroids, vitamins and herbs. Some of these gels and lotions can be beneficial, while others do not work at all. Read the list of ingredients carefully and purchase these products only if they are manufactured by a well known healthcare company.

Advantages: Since these products usually contain vitamins and herbs, they may not have as many side effects. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used from the comfort of your home – at your convenience. Disadvantages: Some of these products may contain prescription strength chemicals, which do more good than harm. They can cause allergies and may even end up harming your penis. Some of the penis enlargement gels and lotions may not work at all and you would end up wasting your money.

3. Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Advantages of Enlargement Exercises: these exercises are free of cost and can be done from the comfort of your own bed. They do not have any side effects and can be done at your convenience. Massaging can help bring more nutrients to your penis, helping with improved sexual vitality. Disadvantages: there is no documented proof of increased penis size from these exercises. Their continuous use can cause scar formation, pain and penile disfigurement. If not performed correctly, these exercises may end up causing more harm to the penis than benefit.
penis excercise

Since ancient times, there have been some exercises for penis enlargement, which can be used to improve penis size naturally.

Before starting any penis enlargement exercises, you should do warm up. The warm up will help you increase your blood flow through the penis tissues. Moreover, it will make your penis’s skin more flexible therefore decreasing bruises appearance and making the whole exercise easier. You can do the warm up in two different ways.

First, you can soak your towel in warm or hot water and wrap it around your penis and testicles. This warm up will make you a little uncomfortable initially but the warmth will later become comfortable. Leave this towel for around two minutes and repeat the exercise 3 times.

Secondly, you can apply some other methods that are effective in warming up a penis such as a hot tub or a Jacuzzi with gentle massage of your penis to heighten your blood flow. Avoid staying in hot tub or Jacuzzi for more than ten minutes.

Once you have done the warm up you can do these two most famous and effective exercises:

  • Jelqing: This is one of the most ancient exercises which was first used by the nomadic Arab tribes. In this exercise, you should massage the penis with nimble movements of your hand. These movements should resemble the milking of a cow. Massaging the top of the penis and milking it in this manner, improves the blood flow to the genital area. This larger supply of blood brings more nutrients to your penis, improving its growth naturally. This exercise also improves the strength of your penis.
  • Kegel exercises: A more modern method of elongating your penis, these Kegel exercises involve tightening your pelvic muscles and strengthening them in this manner. This exercise not only massages your penis tissues deeply, it also strengthens the epidermal and muscular layers of your groin. This helps strengthen the entire pelvic floor and all the organs within the pelvic region. This exercise is also very beneficial to those men who suffer from incontinence and bladder control problems.

You should do the above mentioned exercises on a daily basis, once a day. Most people who have relied on penis enlargement techniques have realized a complete shift in both girth and length of their penis. But you cannot realize any significant result if don’t do your exercises for at least five days in a week in a period of 6 months.

Within two to three weeks after starting the exercises, you will realize an increase in your penis size and a shift in relaxation status. You will have noticed 5 cm (2 inches) increase within the first three weeks and if you continue with the exercises for a six month period, you will completely change your penis’s size.

You should perform your exercises for five days in a week at the rate of 1 hour per day. You should remember to take two rest days either separately or consecutively. The rest period is vital because it will allow the healing of your body cells and regeneration.

How does exercise increase the size of a penis?

A penis is made up of three different chambers of spongy tissues which absorb blood which reach the penis from the body circulatory system. As the chambers fill with blood, a penis erection occurs. If you do penis exercises continuously in the right manner, the three chambers will expand and they will therefore absorb a larger amount of blood which will lead to penis size increment. Moreover, the purpose of penile exercises is to make tensile strength by stretching the penis tissues responsible for an erection. The tensile strength leads to heightened growth of the tissues gradually.

A legal notice relating to penis enlargement methods

Before employing any penis enlargement method, you should consult an urologist for medical advice about the exercises. This way, you will be able to avoid any negative effects on your health particularly if you have any disease like liver cirrhosis, diabetes and respiratory disease. If you have any disease that has an impact on oxygen and blood flow in your penis and cells renewal processes, you should also consult a medical practitioner before engaging in the exercises.

The symptoms you should consider during your penis enlargement process

  • Bubbles presence on your penis will be a result of severe pressure usage on your penis for a longer time.
  • Sores on the penis may result from recurrent penis pulling.
  • Any swelling will have resulted from use of heavier weight on the penis for a longer time. Heavier weight application will affect the nerves of your penis and therefore lead to swelling and inflammation. If the penis swelling continues for a longer period, it may cause penis atrophy or even cause erectile dysfunction.
    After realizing any of the above symptoms, you should stop the penis exercise immediately.

Some things to consider before doing penis enlargement exercises

  • Start by shaving the hair on your pubic area. This way, you will avoid pulling it during your penis exercises.
  • Remember to eat meals rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals because these foods will have an impact on your penis’s work. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water each and every day.
  • Before starting an exercise, you should be in a good mood. And if you don’t believe that the penis exercise you want to try will have a positive effect, it will have a negative effect on the enlargement process and may even make your penis enlargement goal difficult to achieve.
  • And before you begin the exercise, you should use a moisturizer. Avoid using shampoos or soap on your penis s the materials will cause irritation and redness on your skin. And if the material stays on your penis for a long period, it may cause dry skin in addition to cracking. Avoid the ordinary Vaseline and use the intensive care Vaseline instead. Intensive care Vaseline can remain on your skin for a very long time without damaging or irritating the skin.
  • Always measure your penis size before beginning any exercise.

When should you start the penis exercises?

There are men who prefer doing exercises at the morning hours while others prefer doing them at the evening before sleeping. You may do an exercise at any time provided it won’t affect your normal daily routine. However, before starting an exercise you shouldn’t ejaculate. Moreover, you should avoid ejaculating after you have completed the exercise. Allow several hours to pass after completing the exercise. During an erection several changes will happen in your body such as tightening of body connective tissues and decrease in the level of testosterone in your body.

4. Penis Pumps

Advantages of Penis Pump: some of these contraptions and devices may have some value. Disadvantages: there is no documented proof about the efficacy of these penis enlargement methods. Weights and penis stretchers especially, are dangerous and may cause permanent damage to the penis and surrounding ligaments. Using these contraptions can give the illusion of a larger penis, but the results are very temporary. These mechanical devices are also usually very expensive.
penis enlargement pump

These are mechanical devices which contain a suctioning vacuum pump that can create a very powerful suction, increasing the blood flow to the groin and giving the penis a swollen appearance. This device is often used by those who have erectile dysfunction because it can cause the penis to become semi erect and ready for penetration. Penis pumps often seem like a good idea because they are cheap and easy to use. However, their use demands a certain gentleness and delicacy that every body does not understand. A lot of times, men end up injuring themselves due to repeated use of the pump. They do so, because the results often wear off quickly and they have to use the pump again to bring their penis to an erection. The results are also temporary and within a few hours, the penis may go back to its normal size. So if you are looking for a permanent enlargement method, a penis pump will certainly not help you.

5. Stretching Devices

Penis Extender Device

You can find a lot of different type of stretching devices in the market. A lot of these devices are medically prescribed to promote tissue healing after a recent phalloplasty surgery. Stretching devices essentially stretch the penis in opposing directions in an attempt to elongate it. This usually has the result that a suctioning pump would give you. Due to the massage and stretching of the penis shaft, there is temporary increase in the flow of blood to the penis. This causes a temporary increase in the penis length. These devices can help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. They are usually used to correct adhesion build up in men who have recently had a penile enhancement surgery, and for alleviating formation of scar tissue. Beyond these two main objectives, the penis stretching equipment would not do you mush good.

6. Weight Hanging Devices

In principle, hanging weights from the penis can help stretch it and increase its length. This is one of the oldest practices for increasing penis length and improving its size. Historical records show the use of these kinds of devices in some of the earliest civilizations, indicating that the preoccupation with the size of the male member is nothing new. However, using weight hanging devices can be more detrimental to your penis than beneficial. First, these devices may cause damage to the ligaments that adhere the penis to the underside of the pubic bone. While these devices may increase the length of the penis, they also cause a decrease in the girth, making the penis thinner, and defeating the entire purpose of endeavor. Incorrect use of the device can also cut the blood supply to your penis, causing death of the muscle tissues.

7. Penis Enlargement Surgery

Advantages of Surgery: since these surgeries are prescribed by doctors, they are performed under medical care. Disadvantages: there are too many risks to these surgeries for them to be even slightly safe. Surgeries are expensive and considered very controversial. The results are not known to be great and at best, a surgery would be able to add half an inch to your penis – making them almost redundant. For the surgery, the doctor has to sever the ligaments that suspend the base of the penis. This may cause permanent damage to the penis if not done correctly.
penis enlargement surgery

If you want to look good, plastic surgery is the first thing that pops to mind. Women can get breast implants and enhancement, so why can’t men? The fact is, men do have the option for surgery to increase penile size. However, a breast enhancement procedure is very different from a penile enhancement procedure owing to the nature of the two organs in question. The breasts are nothing but fat deposits with mammary glands, while the penis is a very complicated organ with a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings. One wrong move during the surgery, and the penis can be disabled or scarred for life. The surgery for penis enhancement works on two levels. The first is to add length by operating on the ligaments at the base of the penis, and the second is improving the girth by adding grafted fat tissue to the penis. Both these surgeries are very tricky and may cause a slew of potential health risks and complications. The surgery is very complicated and should only be performed by someone who has a lot of expertise and experience. A lot of doctors claim to be very good at this, but not all plastic surgeons have the skill and precision it takes to perform this kind of surgery. The surgery is very costly and often, the results last only for a very short duration. Formation of scar tissue on the skin may cause the penis to shrink again, sometimes shortening it more than its initial length.

A surgical enhancement of your penis size may seem like a great idea, but most doctors would advise against it. Your dick is a very sensitive organ which contains a lot of ligaments, blood vessels and connective tissues. These support erection when a man is sexually excited. A penis enlargement surgery is an invasive procedure and every procedure carries significant risk. A penile lengthening surgery could damage the nerve endings or even the ligaments that support erections. Once damaged, both the nerves and the ligaments cannot be repaired.

What About the Non Surgical Treatments for Increasing Penis Size?

Apart from the herbal and surgical treatments, there are some non-surgical treatments for increasing penis size as well. These treatments, owing to the sensitive nature of the problem they claim to treat, have not been studied. Therefore, there is little or no data available on their efficiency. There are scores of companies that offer penis enlargement treatments such as non-surgical pumps, vacuum developers for lengthening the penis and electrical or magnetic devices that claim to improve penis size. Beware of such products as these are often touted as effective even when they are not. If not used correctly, these products can cause damage to your genital area. Even if they do not cause you any physical damage, you will soon realize that you have spent a lot of money on something which is not benefiting you in any way.

Can Ayurveda Help Increase My Penis Size?

If someone has told you that your penis size cannot be increased, they are either lying or do not have knowledge of what’s out there. Though we often marvel at the advancement of science and technology, Ayurveda and ancient natural medicine has often worked miracles that science and technology just haven’t been able to. If you want to increase penis size naturally, there are ways to do that through Ayurveda. This age-old science that originated in India, uses herbal ingredients to create potent mixes that not only increase your penis size but also give you stronger erections that last longer. Additionally, ayurvedic medicine for penis enlargement also improves your sperm count, make you more potent and also treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, nightfall, low libido or low stamina.

Do Male Enhancement Techniques Work?

If you want to increase penis size, there are a variety of methods available. Penis enlargement can be approached through oral medication, penis growth oil, exercises and physical contraptions. All of these have had varying results, and some of them have lower success rates than others. The trick is to learn as much as you can about these techniques before actually trying them on yourself. Of these, the contraptions are usually the most dangerous because if not used correctly, they can cause you some serious harm. Penis enlargement suction pumps are very popular and highly affordable, but they have a chance of causing real injuries. Pills, though the safest, also have their own perils. Before you get roped in by marketing claims and promises of quick results, take your time to read both the ingredients and instructions of use. A lot of pills contain chemical components which may increase your penis size only temporarily. When you stop using these pills, the penis returns to its normal size. However, there are herbal penis enlargement pills which are completely safe and natural. These help you increase penis size permanently. So if you are looking for permanent penis size increase, herbal pills and sexual discipline is the best way to go about it.

Which Penis Enlargement Method is the Best?

It is difficult to say which method is the best. For those who want immediate results, perhaps penile surgery – even with all the risks associated with it, is the best alternative. However, if you are willing to wait and let the enlargement take some time, then herbal medicine is your best bet. With herbal medicines, the results take slightly longer to show but there are no side effects at all. Herbal remedies are also natural and have many other benefits to your health – apart from their primary benefit to your penis size. With these herbal medications, you can also use some of the penis enlargement exercises. The combination of these two would help you get better and faster results.

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