How XTL Plus™ Saved My Marriage? A Real Story You Must Read.

We receive hundreds of emails daily from our customers stating how effective they found our product, their success stories, grievances, queries etc. The amount of response we get from our customers is overwhelming and thus we can not post all the reviews and experiences shared by our customers. However, the following post was sent by one of our past customers who used our pains big size medicine – XTL Plus himself. He asked us to publish this post on our website so others like you could get confidence to try our product. So grab a cup of coffee and read on to find out what this gentleman has to say after using XTL Plus™ capsules for a full 3 months –

(The name of the customer has been concealed at his request)

Have you been searching for a revolutionary supplement to increase the size of your penis? You can stop your search and try out XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement Supplement as it is the capsule that answered all of my prayers.

Hi, My name is Anil (name changed at customer’s request). I no longer have to worry about my sex life because my penis has become 10X better with the help of this pill. It is a safe and 100% natural product used to add inches to your size, without you having to stress about a thing. You should read ahead to learn about my success story after using XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement Pills.
I got married two years ago and it just seemed that there was no excitement in my sex life. My dysfunction to perform to the best of my abilities in bed made it harder for my wife and me to have a good time during sex. I felt as if she would taunt me at times because there was no enjoyment during the process. The size of my penis and my inability to stay energetic in bed were getting to me and I knew something had to be done in order to improve my sex life. My marriage was falling apart and I always feared that my wife, who I loved very much, would leave me.
This was when I started conducting research online. I wanted to get information about how to increase the size of my penis without causing harm to my body. Research did not help so much, because it was so difficult for me to decide on what supplement to opt for. Finally, I tried SizePro Ultra and just after using it for four weeks I did not notice any changes and it was just agonizing for me to know that it was not working. Using a supplement and knowing that it is not working on my body made me angry. On top of that, my wife would make remarks about the size of my penis and would tell me that it is really small in size. Another week had passed and my wife was still unsatisfied with the intercourse. We would fight about the craziest things and in the end she would say something regarding my inability to even have good sex. At this point, I needed a miracle. I needed something that could change my life, so I decided to pay a visit to my doctor to learn about how to increase the size of my penis.
My doctor was helpful in this situation and told me that numerous men all over the world face this problem. It is nothing abnormal and that I should not take stress over having a small penis. If I wanted to enlarge my penis, then I should start off by doing some penis enlargement exercises along with taking XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement Supplements. The name of the supplement scared me a bit as it had the term XTL Plus™. I was a bit hesitant to try it because it just seemed so unreal. I held back for two weeks just thinking if I should give it a go or if I should just continue with the penis enlargement exercises that weren’t getting me anywhere.
I avoided my wife for two whole weeks because I did not want to disappoint her. This was when we had the greatest argument. She felt as if I was not giving her any attention and that she did not even know why she had married me. She said I was good for nothing and questioned the point of the marriage because I was not able to even provide her with a good time in bed. I left the house that day and did not come home till 3 a.m. During the time away from my home and wife, I thought about what the doctor had said and thought about taking XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement. I knew if I did not do something fast it would ruin my marriage and my wife would leave me for good.
The next day I went and bought XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement. I told my wife about buying the pills and she saw that I was making an attempt to make things better. She was supportive about my decision and apologized for not understanding. It took about 10 days for me to see the results and I was pretty surprised by what this medication had done. I did not expect such a big change and nor did my wife. The first few times in bed were okay, but as time passed the sexual activity became more intense and it was amazing for me. I felt as if I was at the top of the world and nothing could hold me back. It is fantastic to see that a small pill can make a huge difference.
My luck was against me before I found XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement Supplement and I am glad that I visited my doctor when I did. My advice to others is that it is better to see a doctor in such cases rather than self medication. It is also important to do penis exercises that are found online combined with the supplement to see the best results. My doctor not only helped me through the depression that I was facing, but he also helped me save my marriage. My self-esteem levels are high and I am confident about my penis.
It is useless to try supplements that you do not know about. It is always recommended to get medical attention in such cases because not all medication suits every individual. Studies show that women want excitement during the intercourse and a small penis can really be a turn off. The maximum pleasure and attraction during sex is obtained from complete orgasms and that cannot occur when the size of your penis is small. This herbal medication has done wonders for me and I don’t have to worry about adverse side-effects. It is also affordable as I do not have to bust the bank in order to buy XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement.
Ask your doctor about XTL Plus™ Penis Enlargement! It worked for me and it may be the solution to all of your sexual activity problems.

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  1. before 1 year my penis is 5 inch long but now that is small then before. This capsules was right for long & thick penis for me

  2. I am suffering from over masturbation problem for last 12 years my age is 28 know my pennis size is very small and no hard erection in my pennis and my sexual timing is very low no strength and stamina in my body i am very depressed regarding this problem and I try lots of medicines regarding regarding this but can’t help please suggest me something effective

  3. Dear Sir,
    I’m santosh and 30 years old. I had been using many penis enlargement capsules but all were lead to more side effect such as make sleepless, excessive body heat, hair fall. So if you guarantee me that your product Will not make any such side effect then I will buy your product. thank you.

  4. Hii sir,

    * Can Pills taken after meals or before meals.
    * dosage 2-3 pills/day. Which means, pills taken at single time or morning 1pill & nit 1pill…
    * does it helps in the problem of premature ejaculation

  5. Sir,

    I am Ram Sharma and i am 29 year of age.
    I am married since last 4 year actually my penis size is approx 5.5 inches and i think its not enough but my wife had never complained about my penis size and she is happy with this but durring sex i always realise that she is not so happy with my penis size i think her expectation more than my current penis size,
    Plzz help me sir
    i love my wife so much and i can’t see her unhappy and unsetisfied, i want to increase my penis at least 2 inch longer and approx 25-30% wider, stronger and harder.
    Note:-i am regularly use to smoke cigarette approx 5-8 in a day.

    Sir please reply i am restivly waiting for your reply please help me.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am from Afghanistan and I am an engineer in one of telecommunication company, I am engaged and after coming 8 months I marry, and my penis size is 10cm, and I m so worrying about its size, that whether my wife complain about my penis size, so was searching and faced with this site about penis enlargement pill/capsules, so I want you to tell me all the below comments by details, and I m not worrying about the amount of money, I will pay double for that, if it is true and permanent and no side effects for my body and for bringing a child in our life.

    Note: need to be mentioned that, i am 23 years old so would it be beneficial to use it and get a result or not.

    1- how long will my penis size increase after taking XTRA large capsules.
    2- will this be a permanent effect or not..?
    3- will girth of my penis increase or not..?
    4- does it have any side effects for my body, or bringing child..?


  7. Sir,
    My name is Hasan. I sent to you email about my condition of various diseases.
    “My penis size has decreased severely due to over-masturbation. Also, I am suffering from ED, premature ejaculation, semen leakage, weak penis and weak erection. Will this capsule help me to increase penis size permanently because I am suffering from lots of diseases ? Or do I have to take other medications for all these problems. Please suggest me how to get rid of all these problems.

  8. Good morning!
    My name is vasanth and I am from Chennai and i am 23 years old my pennies is very small and thin sir if u have any branches in Chennai pls advise me I seriously want to increase my penies long and strong.pls help me with my problem pls pls pls.

  9. Sir, my penis size has decreased severely due to over-masturbation. Also, I am suffering from ED, premature ejaculation, semen leakage, weak penis and weak erection. Will this capsule help me to increase penis size permanently because I am suffering from lots of diseases ? Or do I have to take other medications for all these problems. Please suggest me hot to get rid of all these problems.

    • Dear Hasan,

      You can use Xtra Large capsules to increase your size. But since you also have various other sexual problems I suggest you a fully customized treatment so that each and every problem can be cured permanently and you get overall health improvement and not just size. Remember size without power is useless. You can contact us for a customized solution for yourself.

      • Sir As salamualykum,
        Currently I am living in Canada, but my uncle lives in India. So, would you please suggest me what medications to take and for how long ? I will use my uncle’s address to purchase the product from your company.
        Please Sir, I am suffering these diseases for last 6 years. I have seen so many doctors but nothing worked permanently in my body. It also seems I have problem in my stomach for absorbing foods and medicines.
        So, Please prescribe me what to buy to cure all these problems permanently ?

          • Sir, I have sent you an email on this issue. So , I hope you would provide me a best treatment to solve all these issues permanently. Also, I want to mention one thing. I have taken so much herbal supplements for last 2 years, but nothing worked perfectly , it seems I also have digestion problems which took place due to over-masturbation. So, please suggest me some medicines which will help better absorption of foods and medicines.

      • Sir,
        Am also having the same problem week penis, week erection, semen leakage, premature ejaculation so can you helpe with the fully customised treatment.

        Thank you
        So much

  10. Sir, please help me. I am 19 years old. But my penis size is very small as about 1.5″when flaccid and very soft also. And when erected it is 3.8″.please tell me can I make it 7″or more by taking Xtra large medicine. You say it will make about 2-3″ long by taking 3 months. So if I take the medicine for 1 year continuously what will be the probable results.

    • Hi Gokhel,

      Penis enlargement is not an ever going process. There are limits up to which any individual can gain size. Its not like that if you keep taking the product the size will keep on growing. Be realistic and beware of false claims made by many products.

  11. I am 47 years old. wish to increase size. is it possible at my age? If yes, what is the realistic expectation I can have in terms of increase in inches (both in length & girth) and how much time it would generally take. I am a non-diabetic, non-smoking healthy individual

    • You can expect a minimum of 1 inches improvement in length and about 20-30% increase in your girth. The results are slower in individuals having age >45 years. You may have to use it for more than 3 months to gain further.

  12. My penis is 5 inches and i want it to be near about 7-8 inches. Is it possible by X-tra large and what type of exercise is required.
    Also, tell me any medicine for penis tightness actually I am having 6 Months to do marriage. Please advise me so that I can have romantic relationship with my wife.

    • Hi Prabhat,

      Xtra large will surely help you get the results you want. For tightness you can take the xtra power capsules.

  13. hii sir.. My penis size is 10.5cm(fully erected) and its not good…I have few questions..
    1>I need to talk to a doctor as I am frightened and need some confidence and motivation so that I can opt it..??I need some sessions
    2>how long will my penis size increase after taking XTRA large capsules.
    3>will this be a permanent effect or not..??
    4>will girth of my penis increase or not..??
    5>will stamina of mine increase or not.I want to avoid premature ejaculation.??
    6>are there any side effects.Please shoot me up with truths.NO false promises is needed.I will even pay you up if you confront me with truth.For me truth matters more thanmedication and I can pay you lots fortruth only..???
    7> I am living in kolkata.Are there anyclinic of yours which I can visit..??
    8>What are the penis exercises i need to do along with the capsules
    9>I want some real proof that by using xtra large capsules people are benifited.??no fakes please…..

    • Hi,

      Please note the following:

      1. For consultation with our experts please cal our customer service desk at 09760068086 (10am-6pm (except Friday and Saturday).
      2. It typically takes 60-90 days for full improvement.
      3. The results are permanent. This is not an artificial thing.
      4. Size increases in both length and girth.
      5. Stamina will also increase (though this is not the main goal of this medicine).
      6. No side effects at all.
      7. We have no clinic in Kolkata.
      8. You can do Kegel exercises with this for even better results.
      9. I have no idea what you want as a real proof. The fact that we are one of India’s most trusted brands is itself a proof of the efficacy.

  14. Hello Sir I have 5.6 inch penis when fully errect and have circumference of 5 inches. I am going to marry in next two months. Please tell me whether this pill will help me to gain around 2 inches more or not in my case if yes then please e-mail me the guide for purchasing and possibilities that can I achieve in 2 months. It us urgent plz reply soon

  15. Hello sir,
    Im dhaval from not happy with my penis size its just 4inch while errect so is the xtralarge will give some inches in my penis?
    1>how long will my penis size increase after taking XTRA large capsules.
    3>will this be a permanent effect or not..??
    4>will girth of my penis increase or not..??
    5>will stamina of mine increase or not.I want to avoid premature ejaculation.??
    6>are there any side effects.Please shoot me up with truths.

    • Hi Dhaval,

      For any personal queries we suggest all visitors to send a query through the contact us form. However, for your queries please note the following:

      1. Results usually vary from person to person but on an average you may expect increase in length up to 3 inches and girth up to 20-30% of the increase in girth.
      2. Yes the effect will be permanent.
      3. Stamina, strength and power will also increase significantly.
      4. Yes girth will also increase.
      5. No side effects as all the ingredients are natural.

  16. Dear sir, My age is 31. I am now chennai. Not married. My penis is small. I have tried masturbating but I could find only precum. Is there a solution to all these pls mail me with product price detail . I am ready to buy your product .

  17. Dear sir,
    I am 18 years old my penis Size is only 11cm . I have tried masturbating but I could find only precum. Is there a solution to all these pls mail me. I am ready to buy your product

  18. Dear Sir,

    Is it true that penis size is increase. previously i used King Cobra capsules but zero result. my penis size is very small and also within one minutes my sex drive is over and i am Diabetic patient. If the product is suggestible for me i go for it. this is only for increase size it will work for long sex drive

    • Sir,

      Xtra large is extremely safe for diabetic patients provided your blood sugar is in control with medication. If the sugar level is high it may have a negative impact on your results. Use xtra large capsules for enlargement as well as long duration.

  19. Can this xtra-large penis enlargement found in Zambia also or I just have to buy it online coz I really need to increase the size of my penis.


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