How to Increase Penis Size (length+girth) Naturally?

How to Increase Penis Size With Your Hands

Do you want to know how to increase penis size? If you are searching for a compete guide that could tell you all about making your penis long and fat, your search ends here.

This article will tell you all that is required to increase penis size (both length and thickness) naturally without using any enlargement pills or creams or oil.

The Obsession With A Large Penis

Many years of progress has not stopped human beings from judging and respecting men from the size of their dick.

Women regard a small penis as a deal-breaker and most men want a big dick.

It is therefore vital to identify some simple ways in which you can make your dick bigger using just your hands.

A large penis equates to more power, success, and confidence. Men with big penis stand out and it’s a sign of strength.

You don’t have to be good looking but having a big penis gives you the composure and self-assurance to win any beautiful lady you desire.

But how to get a fat dick and make it look longer in a few weeks just by using your hands?

Well, that’s what we are going to find out.

How to increase penis size naturally?

To increase penis size is one of the most common areas of interest in men. Almost all the men, irrespective of their penis size, feel anxious about their manhood.

This anxiety and desire to have a larger penis has led to a full-blown industry around penis enlargement.

From herbal penis enlargement medicine to penis pumps, stretching devices and enlargement oils there are lots of options for increasing the penis size.

But today, I am going to show you how to increase penis size naturally at home, without using any of the above-mentioned pills or devices (though you can use them if you wish).

Before telling you about how to increase penis size with your hands, let me make it clear. The advice I will give you worked for more than 70% of the patients. They saw an increase in their penis size following my advice for 5-6 months religiously.

But 30% of the patients did not notice any increase at all. So do it at your own risk and do not expect 100% results every time.

The tips and tricks I will share here are based on scientific facts/past studies and are mostly safe if done as advised.

So let’s get to the point and learn how to increase penis size at home without using any medicines or devices?

Hand Exercises To Increase Your Penis Size

The following penis enlargement exercises can help you gain penis size over a period of time:

  1. Jelqing
  2. Stretching
  3. Thickness Squeeze
  4. Ballooning

The principal purpose of these exercises is to generate tensile strength by stretching the erectile tissue of your penis. Tensile strength cause growth and a gradual increase in the size of your penis.

Now let’s get into the details of each of these techniques to get the optimal penis enlargement results.

Jelqing (Increases length + girth)

jelqueing exercise

Jelqing is a well-known penis enlargement exercise and has been known to produce effective results.

It is comparable to extracting milk and the technique is intended to force blood through the penile area over a few months.

The outcomes of this exercise depend on individual persons but care and patience are vital considerations for any success to be achieved.

Step by Step Procedure To Do Jelqing

  1. You have to start by warming the penis with a towel followed with enough lubrication for smooth, pain-free movements. Water-based lubricants are recommended to avoid adverse side effects.
  2. Use the thumb and the forefinger to have a firm grip and make slow deliberate movements from the base to the tip of the penis.
  3. Stop at the tip and repeat the process.
  4. Ensure you apply the same pressure throughout the motion.
  5. Jelqing is best performed on a semi-erect penis which basically means about 75% erection.

It is recommended you start with a hundred strokes per day working your way to around five hundred each day.

It will take time to get the results but if you are ready to dedicate time and efforts you will succeed.

Jelqing enlarges the cavities inside the dick that hold blood so they accommodate a greater quantity which is equal to a firmer, bigger erection. It’s a slow process but if done properly and consistently it can increase the penis by enlarging the blood holding vessels.

Precautions while doing Jelqing exercise

  1. Avoid jelqing on a fully erect penis. This can result in vascular damage when forcibly milking the penis.
  2. Don’t grip too tight to avoid rupturing or bruising blood tissues on the surface of the penis.

The good thing is the changes in size that occurs through jelqing are permanent and the penis does not revert. You will be able to enjoy the power that comes with a bigger penis.

Penis Stretching Technique (Increases Length)

stretch exercise for penis enlargement

If you want to make your dick bigger then stretching is a great method for gaining penis length and girth.

A penis is not a muscle but a soft tissue filled with chambers that store blood. Stretching helps the soft tissue to enlarge the chambers, allowing more blood to fill the penis for an erection. More blood means a stronger and longer erection.

Special Precautions To be Taken While Stretching The Penis

  1. It is important to warm up before you start stretching the penis. This can be done using a towel immersed in warm water or immediately after a warm shower. Warming relaxes the skin making it flexible and improves blood flow to the penis tissue.
  2. Never do stretching of the penis when it is erect. Always do stretching when the penis is completely in the flaccid state.
  3. Do not jerk during stretching as it can cause serious internal injury.
  4. Always stand or sit upright on a chair. Do not attempt to stretch your penis while lying down on the bed.
  5. Support your lower back against a wall or backrest of the chair during stretching.
  6. If you feel any pain during stretching, do not do it. Consult a doctor.
  7. While starting out, do stretching not more than two times a day 5 minutes at a time.
  8. Gradually increase the pressure and time duration week after week.
  9. Be gentle. Remember, if you pull it hard you are not going to increase penis size any quicker. Patience and consistency is the key to success.

Step By Step Procedure For Penis Stretching


To do penis stretching with hands to increase penis size, follow the below steps:

  1. Hold the tip of the penis between your thumb and palm.
  2. Now pull the penis upwards and towards your front. Go as far as you can without hurting your self (there should not be any pain).
  3. Hold for 10 seconds and then release slowly.
  4. Now hold again the tip of the penis and pull towards the front but this time towards the left. Hold for 10 seconds and then release.
  5. Repeat the same process towards the right. Do this for about 10 minutes twice a day.
  6. A single stroke should last about 30 seconds. Use alternate hands after finishing the first stroke to ensure you don’t tire. You will witness the penis head expand as blood fills in.

Pro Tip: You can grab the base of the penis by putting your thumb and palm around the penis and pressing it back to increase the force of traction.

When you stretch your penis with hands, it loosens the ligaments that hang the penis to the pelvic bone.

Repeated traction to these ligaments results in permanent loosening and hence a longer portion of the penile shaft is visible to the naked eye.

Apart from this the spongy tissues inside the penis also stretch and look longer.

Please note that the increase in the length of the penis by doing these exercises is temporary. So you need to do it daily in order to maintain the increased penis size.

Thickness Squeeze Technique (Increases Girth)

Thickness Squeeze Technique

If you are wondering how to get a fat dick, here is the secret.

Penis stretch exercises may increase the length of the penis but do not affect the penis girth.

Penis thickness also matters and this squeeze is designed to assist to make your penis expand in both ways for maximum sexual satisfaction. This means that by doing this squeeze exercise you can not only increase your penile length but also make your penis look fat (thicker).

By doing so, you can have a balanced dick that serves to fill the depth and width of your partner’s vagina for numerous orgasms.

Step By Step Procedure For Doing Squeeze Technique

  1. After warm-up ensure your penis is semi-erect and place it on a hard surface.
  2. Gently push it downwards using your hand. The objective is to maintain steady, firm pressure for a few minutes.
  3. Blood will move to the edges of the penis increasing chemicals that stimulate growth.
  4. Expansion of soft tissue creates new cells making the penis shaft enlarge permanently.

Penis Ballooning Technique

penis ballooning

This exercise is technically masturbating but stopping ejaculation by squeezing the tip of your penis to stop the urge. Concentrate your efforts on rubbing and fondling the tip of the penis, the edges, and the tip of your glans.

Use circular motions until you are truly erect. This will inflate the penile tissue amplifying your penis to maximum size without ejaculating.

With consistent practice, ballooning gives you a bigger erection and a good penis workout.

It helps you get comfortable with pleasure without a release gaining total control of your sexual experience.

Avoid rubbing the most sensitive parts like the frenulum which might push you over the edge. You need to be able to reach a point of no return and but stop the releasing process.

Ballooning supports penis enlargement by pushing your penile nerves to the most erect magnitude. At its most erect size, the penis gets small bruises which are repaired by the new growth of cells and filled with blood rich in nutrients.

Ballooning increases both the girth and length of your penis improving erection and sexual strength.

Other Simple Tricks To Increase Your Penis Size

Increasing your penis size with penis stretching exercises is the simplest technique that you can do at your home without the need for any costly equipment or medicines.

But there are some habits/lifestyle changes that may also help you realize a larger dick.

These are:

Lose Weight To Make It Look Bigger

Losing weight can not only improve your overall health, prevent several lifestyle diseases but also increase penis size.

You would be amazed to know that when you lose those extra inches around your waistline and lower abdomen including the pelvis, it makes your penis look larger visually.

Anatomically, about 1/4 of the base of the penis is hidden inside the fat that accumulates around the pelvic bone. So when you lose weight, your penis appears to be larger in size as more of the penile shaft is now visible to your naked eye.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

When your pubic hairs grow it makes your penis appear smaller than it actually is.

A habit of regular shaving/cleaning of these coarse and dense hairs will eventually make your penis look larger.

A clean pubic area is also a sign of hygiene and the penis looks more healthy and desirable.

Fuel It Up With Balanced Diet

A properly balanced diet can play an important role in your sex life. A nutritious diet not only makes you feel happier and more energetic, but it also is an important fuel for your libido.

Proper Sleep Is Very Important

Sound sleep is one of the basic pillars of a person’s well being. When we sleep our body secrets growth hormone (GH) responsible for the growth of almost all the tissues inside the body.

Scientists say that as much as 75% of the total growth hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland while we are asleep.

Not only this, when we fall asleep our body secretes hormones that control our appetite and glucose metabolism (ref: NCBI). A sleep-deprived person is also prone to develop obesity and diabetes.

So, in order to remain in good shape and live a healthy life it’s important to have 7-9 hours of sound sleep daily.

Always keep in mind that your reproductive system is just one part of your body. And every system inside your body is interrelated and interdependent. You can not isolate your sexual system.

Final Words

Penis enlargement exercises stretch the ligaments connecting your pubic bone to your manhood to gradually add length and girth. The exercises can deliver impressive results with perseverance and commitment.

The human structure is a wonderful machine that can be perfectly manipulated naturally by the power of your hands. You don’t have to settle for less your hands are having the ability to enlarge your penis to enable achieve happiness.

To achieve better results, you need to schedule a defined program that will facilitate and hasten the achievement of the coveted bigger penis.

To increase penis size is neither impossible nor a piece of cake. It’s important to be practical, have a clear vision, and goals to achieve.

The simple methods I have described above are just a starting point if you have no idea about where to start with your penis enlargement regime. I hope you would have enjoyed reading this article as much as I liked sharing it with you.

If you have any further points, suggestions or experience with increasing your penis size please let me know in the comments section below. Good luck!

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