Male Enhancement Herbs

male enhancement herbs

Male enlargement is a niche product area that is often exploited by many scammers. There are ways, however, that male enhancement can be achieved naturally and without any side effects.

Several herbs that grow naturally, and are available everywhere, have healing powers that not only improve your overall health, but also give you specific benefits such as an increased penis size. These male enhancement herbs can even be grown in your own backyard.

Before technology and innovations in medicines, people used to rely on these herbs whenever they faced any medical problems and they even showed better results as they are natural and does not hold any synthetic impurities that might lead to any side effects. These herbs were used for various purposes and are still used a lot throughout the world. One of the reasons for using it is to increase penis size.

Here are some of the most potent of these herbs commonly used in making an effective panis big size formula (like XTL Plus):


There are numerous varieties of this herb, especially the Koren and the Chinese. The Korean red ginseng is usually the most potent when it comes to male enhancement. This is certainly the most common among the male enhancement herbs, and it can increase secretion of hormones, boost your body’s inner balance, and increase your libido.


This is a native African herb, which gets its name from the Yohimbe tribe. The tribal people used this herb as an aphrodisiac because it had properties that could cause and strengthen an erection. It also increases penile length, treats erectile dysfunction, improves libido and improves the quality of sperm. The leaves of this plant are especially recommended.

Horny Goat Weed:

This Chinese herb is another popular male enhancement supplement. This herb is well known for increasing both libido and sperm count in men. The leaves and the stem of this plant are used for male enhancement purposes. The roots of this herb are used for many other health benefits.

Tongkat Ali:

Often also known as Asian Viagra, this herb has a lot of different functions, from improving your testosterone levels to increasing sex drive. As this herb balances out the hormonal production in the male body, it is also able to increase your sex drive, improve sperm quality and increase penile length as well as strength.

This herb can also be consumed when you are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection. This herb is truly highly effective and helps increase penis size by increasing levels of testosterone. This herb reacts with the Leydig cells that are found in the testicles and responsible for men’s reproductive system.

The effects that have been witnessed after using this herb are increase in the sperm count, increase in penis’s weight, increase in girth and testicles get larger. All these things play a vital role in order to increase penis size. When it comes to enlargement of penis size then this herb is definitely the best one throughout the globe.

Kola Nut:

Kola Nut is a famous herb, especially because it contains revitalizing powers. Using this herb regularly can help keep you energized for long hours. This herb does not do anything specifically for your penis, but it gives you enough energy to boost your libido and help you last longer in bed.


This herb, used for its therapeutic roots, is usually only used in the form of herbal extract. It is beneficial both for men and women. In men, it boosts testosterone levels while in women, it improves secretion of progesterone. In the human body, this herb mimics the action or natural hormones, therefore improving sexual vitality and function.

Butea Superba:

This herb works a lot differently than Tongkat Ali. It contains flavonoid glycosine and flavonoids’ concoction that are responsible for generating Nitric Oxide and increases penis’s vasodilatation. For erectile capacity, it also improves the nutritional support. It even increases the blood flow in the penis by dilating the blood vessels. It does not only increase penis size but it also helps in restoring sexual sensation as well as sexual power which is a very unique aspect of this amazing herb.


Although this herb actually exists and is also considered pretty effective in many countries, there are various myths associated with this particular herb which is quite interesting. The origin of this herb in China and it is believed that this herb helps in increasing the flow of very particular energy known as the Yang Energy which as a result increases the penis’s blow flow. Since ancient times it is being said that if the herb is used consistently then it will surely increase penis size.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa:

This herb is mainly known for treating erectile dysfunction. The working of this herb is very similar to the working of Butea Superba but it is not as great as Butea Superba when it comes to effectiveness.

Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli):

It is a pretty rare herb which is originated from India. It has various uses including diabetes, cancer, arthritis and it is very well known for improving the performance of sexual intercourse as well. Experts say that it even helps increase penis size.

Orchis Mascula:

This very special herb is known for working on those parts of the body which depend upon the circulation and flow of the blood. It improves circulation as well as the associated activity.

There are many other herbs in this world that can help increase penis size and are quite effective as well but all these herbs must be used in precise amounts and should not be used without consulting an expert or else there are possibilities that the user might face some major medical problems.