5 Most Common Penis Problems

penis problems

We all dream of that “perfect penis” which looks great and performs effortlessly. Yet, unfortunately, dreams don’t always come true, at least not for some. Accordingly, in this article, we look at 5 of the most common penis problems.

Small size

A fairly common penis problem is small size where the penis is nowhere near the desired size. In fact, in some cases it can only be referred to as a “micro penis” since it is really, really small! There are various factors behind such an occurrence that include hormonal problems (lack of testosterone), genetic mutations, delayed onset of puberty, and so on.

The most important factor to bear in mind here is that one should not panic in case of such an occurrence. Remember that a small penis is definitely not the end of the world. First of all, as far as penis size is concerned, it is a rather relative concept – what may be small for you may be just fine for your partner from a sexual perspective. Secondly, there is always help at hand in case of small-sized penises, especially given the penis enlargement medicine that we offer which assure results, without any side effects whatsoever.


An oblique penis is one which slants to a side even when erect instead of standing upright. This tends to affect sexual performance since it is most optimal when the penis stands erect right up front.

At the same time, as with small sized penises, you really need not be concerned about oblique penises either. Remember that with suitable medication, a penis can be made to stand right upfront without any qualms at all.

Premature ejaculation due to hypersensitivity

A major and unfortunately rather common penis problem is premature ejaculation which is often driven by hypersensitivity. Now, in case you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of premature ejaculation, it is as the term suggests – ejaculation, i.e. male orgasm, very early on into the sexual act (even if that is simply masturbation or self-stimulation).

In coital states, such a phenomenon leads to dissatisfaction of the sexual partner. Not only that, even the person suffering from premature ejaculation does not get to experience the kind of sexual “high” that he would otherwise experience had he been able to prolong the sexual act long enough towards a typical ejaculation instead of a premature one.

Now, the phenomenon of hypersensitivity in this context comes to the fore since a lot of the instances of premature ejaculation are in fact driven by extreme, uncontrollable sexual arousal to the extent that a final culmination (orgasm) is achieved all too quickly. Therefore, besides medication, another remedy towards treating premature ejaculation is to control the factors that lead to hyper (sexual) sensitivity.

ED or erectile dysfunction

ED or erectile dysfunction is when the penis is unable to either attain or sustain an erection. Now, an erection is a must for the sexual act to be fulfilled and when that does not happen at all (or happens for a very short duration), sexual dissatisfaction for the partner as well as the person himself is bound to happen.

Various factors drive the occurrence of ED including advancing age; poor lifestyle choices especially excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking of cigarettes; possible drug ingestion; or certain health reasons such as heart problems which may inhibit the flow of blood to the penis (which is what leads to an erection, once one is sexually aroused).

Now, there are many medications available in the market that can help treat ED. As a savvy consumer though, you need to be careful about the medications that you take, carefully avoiding ones – no matter how renowned, that have numerous possible side effects. Ideally, go for herbal ED medications that ensure easy attainment and sustenance of penile erection.


Phimosis is a penis condition where the foreskin remains taught and does not go back over the its glans. As a result, sexual intercourse becomes somewhat challenging as does everyday normal activities such as urination.

Treatment of phimosis include both surgical and non-surgical methods; instances of the former include circumcision and preputioplasty while the latter would involve methods such as application of steroidal creams and other external / internal medications, as well as stretching the foreskin to its maximal length.


So as you can see, there are a number of penis problems that can crop up. With suitable medications or other treatment methods, these problems can be rectified so do not fret if you or a loved one suffer from them.

5 thoughts on “5 Most Common Penis Problems”

  1. A year ago, while I was masturbating, I orgasmed but I did not ejaculate, no semen came out of my penis, but rather it started to inflate. My penis rather looked like it was swollen and it looked like the semen had somehow got stuck in my foreskin.

    Although after that whenever I masturbated there was ejaculation but , For multiple months after that, whenever I would masturbate, my penis would inflate like it was swollen up and like some semen was going into my foreskin , whenever I would masturbate.

    Since then, I have also had low libido.

    Although, now my penis does not inflate after I masturbate, but I seem to experience Premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction now.
    Above all, I think that I have lost penile length /girth for sure.

    Am I suffering from a condition or is it just in my head?

    Please help

    • Dear Tylee,

      The condition could be due to adhesion in the foreskin called Phymosis. This is common problem and if it keeps on creating problems on and off you can get rid of the foreskin by undergoing circumcision.

  2. Good day
    I’ve read through all problems regarding men’s erectile problems. Unfortunately am one of those men and urgently requires intervention in curbing this problem going foward. Age is not on my side though but believe i can still get help as am in my early fiftees.

    My main problem is early ejaculation and i usually loose interest after and getting another erection it’s a hassle. I would really appreciate if i can be helped with the two problems plus 3-4 cm increse on size will make my life fulfilled.

    Please send me qoute on the above and bank details for on the following email adress


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