The Real Meaning of Penis Enlargement

penis enlargement - reality or fiction
Penis Enlargement – Reality Or Fiction?

Penis enlargement is a highly controversial topic. Most of the experts say it’s not possible to increase the size of your penis with pills but if you search on the internet, you get tons of products that all claim to be increasing the penis size. So who is right? And who is wrong? Are all the penis enlargement medicines fake? Or is it possible to increase penis size? That’s what we are about to know in this article.

Before we dive deep in to the actual meaning of penis enlargement it is important to first understand the anatomy (internal biological structure) of the penis.

Anatomy Of The Penis

penis anatomy

Penis is a spongy structure. It is composed of 3 cylindrical parts – two cylinders of Corpus Cavernosum and one cylinder of Corpus spongiosum. The corpus cavernosum makes the bulk of penis. The two cylinders of it run parallel to each other and make the roof of the penis. In simple words, the side of penis facing your eyes in erect state is the corpus cavernosum while the single cylinder of corpus spongiosum runs below the urethra (the urine passage, semen also goes through this same passage).

As the name suggests, corpus spongiosum is a highly spongy structure and its function is to protect the urethra and acts as a cushioning. On the other hand corpus cavernosum is the main structure responsible for erection of the penis. It has numerous small chambers in it. When blood flows to the penis during erection, these chambers get filled with blood causing these chambers to swell and cause an erection.

Now that we know the anatomy of penis, and how erection occurs, it will be easier to understand the real meaning of penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement – A Misleading Term

When you hear the word penis enlargement, what is the first impression that you get? It sounds as if the complete size of your penis will increase like a porn star and you will have a bulky, huge penis that you can show off to anyone with pride. But that’s not the truth. The penile tissues can not grow like the muscles, and there is nothing that can cause these penile tissues to grow and make your penis huge. Sounds depressing? But it is the harsh reality.

Now the question arises that if it is not possible to increase the penis size, then from where did this term “penis enlargement” came from? Honestly, I feel that penis enlargement is a misleading term, it gives the impression of a permanent, bulky enlargement of the penis. Which is practically not possible. The correct term as used by many (specially in the west) is “male enhancement”. It does more justice to the actual meaning of it rather than penis enlargement.

The Real Meaning Of Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement may be a misleading term but it is not something that is impossible. You just need to know its exact meaning and have your expectations and goals set in the right direction. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed if you have the knowledge and set your goals properly.

Penis enlargement is possible, but to a certain degree and not in the normal flaccid state of the penis. It is only possible during erection and that too with some limitations. You can not expect several inches of improvement in just a few weeks of time. It is gradual process. And the results appear slowly.

Now at this point of time, you must be thinking that I am contradicting my own statement given in the previous section that penis enlargement is not possible and now I am saying it is possible? Don’t get confused. Let me make it clear to you.

Penis enlargement is possible to a certain degree ONLY during erection. It is not possible to increase the size of penis in normal state as advertised by many companies and products. We also sell a penis enlargement product called XTL Plus, but we do not make false promises, nor do we misguide you in order to make a sale. For us, your satisfaction and is more important. We want you to be knowledgeable in order to make a wise decision.

How Is Penis Enlargement Possible?

As said earlier, penis enlargement is possible only during erection. Imagine this – you have a balloon and you put water in it. What happens? The balloon expands in size. Now you push more water in it, and it further expands in size to accommodate the increased volume of water. This is the basic principle that a penis enlargement pill works on. The penile erection tissue (corpus cavernosum) is an elastic structure with numerous small chambers (like balloon) that expands (like balloon) when it gets filled with blood during an erection. So, if we increase the amount of blood rushing in to the penis during the erection, we can actually increase the volume (length + girth) of the penis. This is what an authentic penis enlargement medicine should do. It should stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to secrete more of testosterone, it should stimulate the nerve endings in the penis to secrete more of Nitric Oxide (nitric oxide is responsible for the dilatation of vessels carrying blood to the corpus cavernosum), thus increasing the flow of blood in to the penis and causing the balloon phenomenon.


Most men who dream of having a larger than life penis size often turn to various measures in order to add some inches to their size. And in this ordeal all they get is disappointment. Why? Because their expectations are not right in the first place. It is important to have clear goals in life. Goals that are realistic and not fictitious. There is no point chasing something in the dark. This will lead to nothing and you will find yourself surrounded by depression, sadness and anger. Don’t get blown away by seeing someone with a huge size. Everyone has a different personality, so be comfortable with what nature has bestowed on you. Remember, sex is an art. It is not something  which is mechanical. It is a bond, an emotion, a relation that needs to be nurtured with love and care. You don’t need a huge dick to satisfy your lady. A mere 5 inches with good strength and stamina can do wonders for her. After all, only the outer 3 centimeters of the vagina is sensitive to touch. You just need to know how to hit the right spot and how to make it more fun for the both of you.

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