Should You Use A Penis Enlargement Pump?

penis enlargement pump

When it comes to enlarging the size of your Penis, it’s a world of possibilities. There are a number of ways to do it starting from penis enlargement medicines to exercises and Penis enlargement pump.

While using pumps seems to be easier than going for the actual hard work of oil massaging and continuous caring, there are a number of cases that have pointed out that going for pumps can be dangerous. Granted that you will get a bigger penis, but only with a stopwatch attached to it! Pumping up your penis is only a temporary enlargement technique and it can have serious repercussions if habitually done for a long period of time.

While nothing is perfect, and everything does have its set of pros and cons, the penis enlargement pumps or penis pumps as more commonly called, have a large number of ill effects associated with them. While most people suggest that enlargement pumps are the best way to go about increasing your penis length and girth, they overlook some of the most obvious defects that using a male enhancement pump can have.

What is a Penis enlargement pump?

A male enlargement pump or dick pump is simply an air pump that is capable of pumping vacuum into your urethra. The urethra is nothing but the inner tube in your penis through which urine comes. Once vacuum is pumped into the urethra, it slowly starts merging with the tissues that make your penis and cause air cavities to get stuck between the cells. As a result your penis has a larger appearance, while in fact this is only because it literally got blown up with some air.

A penis enlargement pump is sometimes prescribed along with other male enhancement exercises to get optimized results. But this kind of recommendation can be lethal. Usual exercises are basically natural and are focused on increasing your length and girth by increasing blood flow and exercising the related pelvic regions. Techniques like jelqing are also prescribed which involves rigorous massaging of your penis. Using penis enlargement pumps along with these exercises can lead to catastrophic results.

A penis enlargement pump basically blows air into your penis. You can compare this with inflating a balloon. No matter how good your pump is, the air absorbed into your tissues will slowly move out and you will be left with your initial girth. But since the air has introduced spaces between cells, your penis also risks becoming saggy. Now imagine trying to over handle an inflated balloon. It will most certainly break. While your penis may not “break” like a balloon, it can most certainly be subject to permanent damages which can destroy your sex life.

Penis enlargement pumps; Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Simple to use
  2. Easily observable results
  3. Increase in length of penis
  4. Large increase in girth


  1. Pumps air into your penis,  which can cause infections
  2. Only temporary effects
  3. After the penis pump’s effect wears off, there is a chance for sagginess of your penis.
  4. Over use can cause serious problems
  5. Doing male enhancement exercises along with regular use of dick pumps can lead to big problems and not a big penis.
  6. Use of penis pumps  is not a natural male enhancement technique

Why say no to penis pumps?

While penis pumps can provide you with some relief for a very short time, they are not recommended because of the fact that their effect is never permanent and the amount of loss of existing penis size and cause you a whole lot of depression on later stages.

Most companies that do advocate penis enlargement pumps promise so called “long lasting” and permanent results. But this is hardly the case. There are a number of disadvantages associated with the use of these pumps as stated earlier. It does not take much effort to see that the ill effects dominate the seemingly good effects of using these pumps. So as a whole, professionals discourage the use of penis pumps as much as they can. Let’s face the truth. Pumps are only for amateurs and if anyone wants a long term sustainable solution to size related problems, then pumping in air is far from it.

There are a lot of other problems that are related to using penis enlargement pumps.

1. You get awkward and unnatural erections that can ruin the whole point of having sex.
2. Your penis can get blue-black in color which shows a huge decrease in blood flow which can be fatal
3. There is a huge probability that you can bruise your penis and needless to say this will be counterproductive.
4. There are also cases when you can get Petechiae which is red dots occurring on your penis. This is caused when there is internal bleeding or bleeding under your penile skin.
5. Coldness or numbness is another major trait seen. What’s the point in having a blown up penis if you can’t feel a thing?

Alternatives to penis enlargement pumps

While it suddenly seems that a world of possibilities just got closed down for you now that you know why you shouldn’t use penis enlargement pumps you can also take heart in the fact that there are a number of other methods for male enhancement. From pills to oils to other natural methods, these alternatives can guarantee the result you are looking for with no side effects.

There are a large number of issues that these alternatives can address. While penis enlargement pumps specifically tackle the issues of girth size and length, problems like erectile dysfunction and lack of interest in sexual activities are still left untouched. But when you use XTL Plus pills and Xtra large penis enlargement oil, you can be sure that all your sexual issues and penis problems are taken care off. Even without any amount of male enhancement exercises, you can be sure that these products will give you the best results you can ever hope for.