Why penis size shrinks with age and how to regain your lost size and power

penis size reduction in elderly

There are only a few things that can crush your spirit and willpower. They include your wife cheating, financial problems and the shrinkage of your penis. This may sound absurd but the size of your penis will shrink if you are engaging in poor habits which contribute directly to penile tissue shrinkage. Moreover, the penis size reduces as a man gets older. The average newborn boys have penis around 4cm long. Their penises don’t tend to grow until they are around 5 years and then a little until they are at the onset of puberty. Roughly 5 years after they have hit puberty – usually between 17 and 22 – most men reach adult penis length and it ceases growing with the other body parts around the end of puberty.

There are two ways through which the penis can reduce in size as you get old. Research has shown that most men put on additional weight as they age. As fat accumulates – particularly in their belly area – the bulging belly makes their penis shaft to look shorter. The obvious solution is to reduce your weight. Moreover, your penis may undergo actual reduction in both thickness and length as you age. Even though this may not be dramatic, it can be highly noticeable. A quick example: if your penis is around 6 inches long when erect in your 30s, by the time you will be in your 60s and 70s it might be 5 or 5.5 inches.

The age related reduction probably results from gradual inelastic collagen (scar tissue) buildup within the sheath that surround your erection chambers. It may also result from the slower fatty substances (plaques) deposition in tiny arteries of your penis. The deposition cause atherosclerosis or impaired blood flow.

Preventing penis shrinkage

Even though your penis will shrink to around 20-30 percent its adult size, you can still prevent the shrinkage. The alarming rate mostly starts around mid 30s and in most cases the penis will shrink down to 60-70 percent of its total size. This can also cause a constant flaccidity state in your genitals. The following tips will help you prevent the shrinkage:

  • Avoid high temperatures

Heat is known to be a major cause of shrinkage. The most ideal temperature to prevent shrinkage and to help in sperm production is 95.60 F or 350 C. This temperature is 30F or 20F below your normal body temperature. Therefore, taking a prolonged hot spa, sauna or exposing yourself to sun for a longer period may cause shrinkage.

  • Always wear loose fitting clothing

Tight pants or underpants may constrict blood flow to the groin. Studies show that people who wear tighter fitting clothes constantly have reduced blood flow to their groin area. Due to the blood flow reduction, the penis adapts to the blood flow by shrinking. To combat this, you should wear loose fitting clothing as they will allow your testicles and groin to breathe properly.

  • Consider reducing your gut

By reducing your beer gut, you will facilitate blood circulation to your pelvis and waist. This allows better blood flow to the groin area and lower limbs. In addition, it significantly decreases the level of stress on your genitalia.

  • Avoid masturbation

Everyone enjoys masturbation! Even girls like doing it. Exploring your body and going to town on yourself is only natural. But even though engaging in masturbation regularly is natural and healthy, doing it often can lead to significant penis shrinkage. The reason behind this is imbalances between male hormones and testosterone. Possibly, you have noticed that your testes tend to retract back into the pelvis after ejaculation. It also makes the penis to retract back into your pelvis because your penis is connected to the testes. As a result, this causes penile tissue contraction which can lead to shortening or shrinkage. Masturbation won’t have any effect on your penis size but the ejaculation will.

Moreover, any time you ejaculate your body will release a testosterone rush to counter orgasm. This will result in a temporary testosterone reduction and it is the primary reason why you will feel sleepy and get the “I need to leave” feeling. But with time – if you happen to masturbate quite often – your body won’t replenish the testosterone supply and as a result you will permanently lose a portion of it. This may lead to shrinking of your penis. If possible, stick to masturbating once in a day.

  • Exercise

Exercise is a better way of preventing penis shrinkage. Just like exercise makes your skin tone or muscles healthy and strong it will also help your penis. A quick example: individuals who do not exercise regularly have saggy wrinkled thighs. On the other hand, individuals who tone their legs and thighs through aerobic workouts have little cellulitis or sagginess. To prevent shrinkage or shortening you should workout regularly. In addition to preventing shortening, exercise will also increase the size of your penis. General exercise will also promote better blood flow to all parts of your body.

  • Medication

Penis enlargement medicine, particularly those that encourage blood flow to the genitalia such as XTL Plus™ Capsules, will help in preventing shrinkage. Penis massage with a good quality penis enlargement oil is also helpful.

  • Maintain proper body fluid levels

According to experts, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Generally, your body dehydrates 85-100 fl oz or 2.5-3 liters in a day – and more in the hotter weather. Dehydration causes contraction of body tissues and reduces the flow of blood in the body. This is the main reason why your skin will wrinkle if it doesn’t get sufficient moisture. A similar situation will also apply to phallus shrinkage.

  • Choose your diet wisely

To prevent your penis from withering, you should avoid fast foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fast foods are known to ruin a man’s penis size. Anytime your body isn’t getting correct nutrients balance (which is important in maintaining a healthy body) it will salvage nutrients from the body parts which need them less. And of course, your penis is among the parts. To prevent penis size reduction, you should eat the healthy foods.

  • Lose weight

Being overweight will have a great impact on your penis size. The main reason behind this is that obese people often engage in poor dieting habits and consume bad cholesterol in larger amounts. By having negative nutrient amounts and higher level of bad cholesterol will definitely cause your body get into an emergency situation and cause a significant reduction of your male hormones. If you don’t maintain a proper body weight, you will notice a significant and sudden decrease in penis size over time. Eat healthier and remember to hit the gym regularly.

Regaining your lost size and power

Increasing the size and power of your penis isn’t a child’s play. Your penis isn’t a rudimentary organ. It has many vital functions in your body and therefore any tampering you intend to do to the organ should be with caution. In such cases, you can opt for one of the available options including:

  • Surgery

Mostly, doctors will recommend a surgical procedure to increase the penis size. The surgeries aren’t cosmetic enhancement procedures. As a matter of fact, in such surgeries muscles and tendons form the other body parts are grafted into the base of the penis to increase the size. The surgeries may have potential side effects and may even cause severe harm to your penis. Besides, you can only achieve a smaller increase in size and therefore the risk may not be worth taking.

  • The mechanical devices

There are many mechanical devices available online. The devices can increase the size and girth of your penis but they may also have some negative side effects. Penis clamps and penis pumps are the most popular contraptions. The penis pumps provide temporary results and are beneficial to men who experience erectile dysfunction. However, they won’t provide a long lasting result.

  • Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises including kegel and jelqing are helpful in strengthening erections. By doing them properly, you will be able to strengthen your entire groin area and the pelvic floor. The exercises promote blood flow to groin region and also strengthen it. However, there are insufficient studies to prove whether they can provide tangible penis length and size.

  • Supplements

Supplements are the safest methods of increasing the overall penis size and power. Producers use herbal ingredients to make them. The ingredients may also have other benefits for the penis as well as the entire body. But unfortunately, most of the supplements available online do not match their claims. You should therefore choose carefully during your purchase.

What does a large penis actually mean?

With easier access to the sexually explicit materials, most people are focusing on appearances. Therefore, both men and women believe that a large penis is more sexually satisfying. Men also feel that a larger penis will make them more desirable and attractive while women feel that such a penis will be more satisfying during sex. However, this is a generation. There are women who will prefer a larger penis while others will find it uncomfortable. To have pleasurable and stimulating sexual intercourse you should have both physical and emotional connections. If you have a penis that is below 3 inches, you should look for enhancement treatments.

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