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Below you can find some useful reviews about our Penis Enlargement Medicine – Xtra Large. Although we receive hundreds of reviews from our satisfied customers from around the globe but most of them don’t allow us to post them online. And we respect their privacy. The following testimonials are of our real customers who actually brought our product. If you find them just a few, let us inform you that we do not buy paid reviews and fake advertisements. For us authenticity matters the most.

If you have tried Xtra Large Capsules or you are planning to buy it, we request you to write an honest review once you complete the course.

penis enlargement review


New Delhi, India

Great product. I started taking these pills about 3 weeks back and I can already feel the difference. Though I don’t measure it everyday, but it feels bigger and thicker. I also feel more energetic.

Kavita's testimonial for xtra large penis enlargement capsuleKavita:

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

My boyfriend started taking this capsule after a few times we were together. He did not tell me he was taking any pills, but from the 9th day, his penis seemed larger and sex was much more fun. Thank you Xtra Large!

Sameers's male enhancement pills testimonialSameer J:

Sydney, Australia

I am only 18 years old and I was very upset about my small size. This was the only product that caught my attention because it seemed to be in my budget. For the first two weeks that I used it, I didn’t see any change. I called their customer helpline and some guy told me that I should use them for an entire month before making up my mind… something to do with the pill acting differently on different people. I took his advice and used the capsules for a month, since I had already purchased a month worth of capsules. It worked and I am happy!

penis medicineKaushal:

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

This is a good product. I recommend it. There are many others in the market, but this one is the cheapest. They also offer money back guarantee, so I think they are authentic.

Ajay review for medicineAjay:

Hyderabad, India

I read their website and got a little excited and bought two bottles initially. I ordered the capsules online and they were delivered quickly enough, but after using one bottle I was not sure if I could see any changes. I was disappointed and called their helpline. They were polite and helpful, and graciously agreed to refund my money back – no questions asked. I don’t know snapped in me, I decided to use the other bottle too. Half way through the second bottle, I started to feel different. I noticed a change in girth, though the changes in length were probably still small at this time. Ultimately, it turned out that the product worked well. I will recommend it.


Jabalpur, MP, India

I have been taking these capsules for almost 3 weeks now, but I haven’t yet seen any noticeable changes to the size. But, 30 minutes after taking the pill, I get a very intense erection which lasts for more than 30 minutes. I have also noticed that my sexual desires have increased and that I am able to last longer after taking the pills. Maybe it will increase my penis size soon too.

Karan gives enhancement reviewKaran:

Bangalore, India

I haven’t seen anything yet?? But after reading these reviews, I think I will use one more bottle and see if anything changes for me. I have tried many other products before but nothing worked permanently. I hope this is an exception. I have my fingers crossed.

penis enlargement reviewLalit:

Pune, India

They work great – just as advertised. I got my order 3 days after placing it. The packaging was nice and discrete, so my wife does not know that I am taking them. I will certainly reorder. There are some cheaper pills available, but I think I will stick to this. I am happy with the service too.

male enhancement supplementGaurav Behl:

NOIDA, India

Don’t take this pill in the day or at work because it will give you an erection! Otherwise works great.