Xtra Large Capsule Is Now Known As XTL Plus®


On November 27th, 2018, Xtra Large Capsules have become XTL Plus®. This new brand will represent an improved formula, better packaging and better results for the end user.

We at Rajshahi Healthcare are continuously working to make our products better and better. With advancements in the molecular biochemistry, biotechnology and improvements in molecular assays to assess the quality and efficacy of raw herbs we are now able to extract even better concentrations of the active ingredients of XTL Plus (previously Xtra Large).

What Has Changed?

Starting November 27th, 2018, you will begin to see the new XTL Plus™ brand—including the new name and logo—reflected in the product package, website, help Center, billing documents, and more. The URL (https://xtralarge.in) you use to access our website and your account will remain the same. All the email addresses, URLs helpline numbers etc will remain as it is. We have not done any changes in these things to make it easier for our users.

Changes to the XTL Plus™ branding will not impact the product performance, results, safety or efficacy.

What Does This Change Mean To You?

As the end user you will get better results with the new and improved formula of XTL Plus. We have made slight changes to the list of ingredients in XTL Plus. These changes have been made after years of research, analyzing user data and feedback and adopting to the latest scientific advancements.

The new XTL Plus will ensure that you get enhanced level of customer satisfaction, better results, greater safety and safety.