Ayurvedic Medicine For Increasing Penis Size, Strength and Stamina

penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda is an age-old system of medicine which has its roots originated in India. For thousands of years, it has been helping mankind suffering from various illnesses that were either non-treatable in modern allopathic medicine or difficult to treat with. But does Ayurveda offer a penis enlargement medicine too? We find out here in this article.

Kamasutra Discusses Penis Size in Detail


Ayurveda has addressed men’s sexual issues extensively in Kamasutra. Various sexual dysfunctions including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido have been discussed in detail with their probable treatments and therapies. Not only this, but Kamasutra also discusses various sexual poses that may help to delay ejaculation, give you more satisfaction, to satisfy your partner and to give you more pleasurable sexual experience.  It also describes in detail about various penis sizes, female vagina sizes, their combinations and various measures for penis enlargement. Wendy Doniger, the author of The Hindus and the pin-up favourite of Hindutva trolls, writes in “The Mare’s Trap” about various penis sizes described in Kamasutra.

The passage describing different genital sizes is placed just at the beginning at a very crucial part of Kamasutra. It describes man as “hare”, “bull” or “stallion” according to their penis sizes, while women are classified as “doe”, “mare” and “elephant cow”.As you can see Maharishi Vatsyayan has clearly classified men and women according to their penis size. A hare being bigger than the bull and a stallion being bigger than the bull. Similarly, when it comes to women, a doe is smaller than a mare which in turn is smaller than an elephant. He also describes six possible combinations of these genital types. Three with similar size partners and three with opposite types. According to Kamasutra, the ideal combination is that where both men and woman fall in the same category eg. A hare with a doe, a bull with a mare and a stallion with a mare. However, it is to be noted that he has described the elephant cow category as the worst or non-suitable for any man. A smaller woman can accommodate a larger man much easily but a smaller man with a larger woman is a difficult scenario.The “Doe” type of women are referred to as the best for sexual satisfaction. They are also referred to as the most erotic of them all. But if a women is wide-open , classified as “elephant cow”, she can use drugs to contract it.

An ointment made of white flowers of the “cuckoo’s-eye” caper bush can make an “elephant-cow” contract tightly for one night. On the other hand men can apply an ointment made with powdered white thorn-apple, black pepper, and long pepper, mixed with honey if he is smaller than the woman. Alternatively make a fine powder of a female ‘circle-maker’ buzzard that died a natural death, and mix the powder with gooseberry and honey and spread it on your penis.

3 Ayurvedic Herbs That Helps To Increase The Penis Size and Libido

There are several ayurvedic herbs that are believed to be effective for penis enlargement. Although there is no scientific data that suggests that these herbs actually increase the penile size but over years they have been believed to have some effect on the male sexual efficiency. Below we give you 3 best herbs that can help in male enhancement:

mucuna pruriens
  1. Mucuna Pruriens (Kaunch Beej): Mucuna pruriens is a wonderful drug for male sexual enhancement. It contains L Dopa which stimulates the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine causes the secretion of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland and increases testosterone secretion. All of this leads to an increase in sexual efficiency, strong muscles and growth in the body. Ayurveda has been using this herb since a very long time in preparation of drugs for the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions.
safed musli
  1. Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivallianum): Safed Musli, also known as “divya aushadh” in Ayurveda is one of the best herbs available today for the treatment of male sexual problems. Due to its potency and efficacy, it is also referred to as the “herbal Viagra” by many.  It increases spermatogenesis (production of sperms) and testosterone levels in the blood. Studies on Shwet musli have been largely carried out on rats. Their effect on human beings is yet to be tested but it is believed that out of the many herbs found in ayurveda for male enhancement, Chlorophytum is having the best efficacy.
  1. Shilajeet (Black Asphaltum): Shilajeet is a compound mineral, which is black in colour. It is collected from the high altitude Himalayas in India and Nepal. Shilajeet is actually a prehistoric plant matter compacted in resin like black substance which is an amalgamation of complex minerals that are also biologically active. Shilajeet is used in a variety of health conditions in both men and women. It helps to improve kidney function, strengthens the urinary bladder, prevents bedwetting in adolescents and also improves overall health. It also improves stamina and boosts libido. However, it takes a considerably long time to show its full potential.

Ayurvedic Massage For Penis Enlargement

There are certain oils that can help in making your male organ healthier. There are several formulations (tilla) that claim to increase your penis size. But in reality, they do nothing except giving some nutrition/stimulation to the penis. It increases the flow of blood to the penis, stimulates nerve endings, opens up dead, collapsed capillaries thereby rejuvenating the penile health. However, the use of tilla for increasing penis size is still questionable. And there is no scientific study that supports the claim.

Does Ayurvedic Medicines Increase The Penis Size?

Ayurvedic medicines have been thought to increase the size of the penis. While some people swear by the results they got in terms of an increase in their overall penis size, some say they are useless. Since there is no scientific data in support of these types of ayurvedic medicines for increasing penis size it is hard to come to a conclusion. Personal experiences may differ as do our expectation from a product. So we leave it to your discretion. Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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