Five Things to Know Before Buying Male Enhancement Pills

penis enlargement pills


If you talk to anyone who knows about the male enlargement niche, they will tell you that most male organ enhancement products flooding the markets are bogus.

If you want to grow your penis quickly, you simply can’t because there is no miracle cure for a small penis. This does not mean that you cannot add inches to your penis. It only means that it will take a couple of months before you will begin to see any changes down there.

Penis enlargement is a real concern for many men, and this what marketing companies cash on. They come up with bogus products and make tall claims. You will often hear about products that can add several inches to your penis within days. You will also be lured in with money back guarantees, but when you use these products, you are not benefited from them at all. In addition, you also do not get your money back on some pretext or the other. Ultimately, you suffer because you believed something that you should not have.

So how do you pick out the good ones from the bad ones?

It is not that simple. To begin with, you have to be thorough with your research. When you come across a product, make sure you read its reviews. Make a few calls to the number given on the websites and gauge the knowledge and competence of the people who answer your calls. See if these websites offer you assistance from a licensed practitioner. If they have a doctor on board, seem professional and do not have any negative reviews, you may take the chance. It may very well work out the best for you.

Ayurvedic, herbal and all natural penis enlargement treatment pills are usually your best bet. If you want to take your chances with a penis enlargement medication, choose one which has all natural ingredients and does not make any tall claims. Remember that all medications, no matter how great they are, take at least 2 to 5 months to show you the requisite results. If anyone promises you anything other than this, they are most likely making bogus claims that they cannot keep.

Avoid getting roped in for surgical methods of penile extension because the complications are simply not worth it. Though a penile extension surgery is usually the quickest to give you results, the complications may scar you for life or cause serious health risks. Instead, try to have a little patience and go all natural on the products that you choose. This will really be beneficial for you.

There are thousands of men just like you who are searching the web right now as you read this article. You must also have gone through a number of websites and blogs which either sell one or the other type of penis enlargement pills or offer you some expert advice or product review.

Buying yourself a male enhancement product is a good idea as it can help you increase your self confidence and your woman may love you all the more for making her scream every single time with your huge penis but are you sure whether the pill you are buying for yourself is good or not. If it is safe or not. And last but not least if it actually works or not? Confused… huh!! Well don’t worry. Being medical professionals with specialization in the male enhancement field we have some good advice for you.

Whenever you buy any penis enlargement pill you should know the following 5 things:


The most important of all the things you should be knowing about the male enhancement supplement is its ingredients. Ingredients are the soul of any herbal product. If the ingredients are not good enough, no matter how loudly someone shouts about its efficacy be prepared to get zero result. All the companies now a days list their ingredients on the label / website. You should check each and Evey ingredient. If you have no idea about something do a Google search and research it. This may seem like a burden to you but the extra effort you do in this way is going to pay off with a huge benefit in future. It also saves you from future disappointment.

Company Reliability:

Once you are sure about the ingredients, next you need to check is the reliability of the company that is selling this product (or more importantly manufacturing the product). Even if the ingredients shown on the label / website are good there are chances that a bad company / unrepresented / unknown company will not use the highest quality ingredients to maximize profits. Bear in mind that ayurvedic ingredients have a lot of quality / standards and the rates vary with a huge margin between the good and the bad quality of the same ingredients. A good reputed company that has been there for years with a good track record is more likely to maintain higher quality that one which has no roots / track record.

Side Effects:

Many herbal penis enlargement pills and products have adverse side effects on your health. This is sometimes due to improper quality control or hygiene or adulteration in the ingredients. Search for reviews from people who have used the product. If you find many negative / bad reviews about a product its better drop it from your probable list of pills to buy.

Doctor Approved:

See if the product you are buying is doctor approved or not? Just like any other thing you need a coach, a guide and an expert to guide you through the way. Having a doctor’s approval is going to give you a much more peace of mind.


Last but not least “a good end result” is actually what you are looking for. This is again something which every other company / product shouts for. No body is going to tell you a fairer idea about the efficacy, safety and result of a penis enlargement pill than someone who has used it himself. See if the site has some customer reviews or not. Also try to gather testimonials from other sources than the manufacturers official website. This will give you a fair idea.

Buying a penis enlargement supplement is easy as there are thousands of brands selling their products online. However what is difficult is to find out one that works for you. Its like digging for gold, or searching for a diamond in a coal mine. But if you find one it really pays off.

18 thoughts on “Five Things to Know Before Buying Male Enhancement Pills”

  1. Sir,,,I m 26 yrs old bachelor guy,,,,i m addicted of cough syrup(codeine), i consume since 2014, approx 1 bottle per day . My penis become thin and pre. Ejaculation problem so, should i use this?

  2. I am 63 but extremely sexy. But my wife lost interest in sex. In 2013 I had angioplasty done for a one artery block 90% but I had no symptoms of heart attack. Last year I had oral cancer and surgery was done to remove right side bone gum and some lymp nodes. I have now recovered . Can I go your product.

    • You can go for it. But I would suggest you first consult your doctor for any better assessment about your health condition.

  3. i have taken so much anti depressants for more than 2 years. it affected my sex life badly. my penis size became small and discharge after 1 minute please suggest me how can I cure this?

    • Hi Yash,

      Antidepressants can have a nasty effect on one’s sexual life. It decreases libido, and makes sex organs weak. If you still suffer from depression I suggest you to consult your concerned psychiatrist. If you are now ok and do not use any anti depressants now, we can help you recover. Please send your online consultation so we can suggest you appropriate treatment.

    • I have a bad habit of musterbation and i notice my penice size is not good is any medicine have to strong and long my penice also have night fall problem…plz suggest me

  4. Sir,
    I m a 37yrs old bachelor person. and have been suffering from a sexual/secret disease since childhood. n that is my small penis. which tease me always at plan of marriage life. of course, here are so many company promise to give best result. but, I trusted upon you first time finally. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi,
    i m 30 years and married but due to small penis,my family life going through disturbance. i need a quick solution of it. i have tried a lot but did not get any proper solution. plz, provide me the proper medicine and details of doses.

  6. I am a 22 year old boy. I want to increase my penis. Kindly provide me proper assistance. And also tell me for what duration i have to take these pills for a good effect on my penis size.

  7. I am 22 years old and have a small penis. I am afraid of using any kind of penis enlargement products. Is it safe to use your product? Can i have a desirable sized penis after using it? Is there any side effect of your product? If i stop taking it, will it become small again? Is it available in all medicine stores?

    • Hi Aryan,

      I understand your apprehension and concern regarding safety of penis enlargement products. The market is filled with unnatural, unsafe and low quality products and this causes a lot of problems for men like you who are desirous of increasing their manhood.

      I would like to assure you that our Xtra Large product is completely safe, natural product manufactured at WHO GMP certified plants. Our manufacturing unit is state of the art facility with hi tech scientific procedures to regularly check the safety and efficacy of the products. Only the finest quality, organic certified raw material is used for manufacturing these pills.

      At every stage the product is tested to make sure that the final outcome is of the greatest quality and efficacy. We have been providing our products and services for more than 40 years now and the trust our customers show towards us is itself a testimony on how we care about you.

      The results you get with our product are permanent and you need not use it for life long. Once you finish the course there is no need to use it again.

  8. I am 20 years old.I want to increase the size of my pennis.will extralarge help please and if it will how wil I get some to buy because am in Ghana that’s my country

  9. i am 39 yrs old i want to enlarge my penis…r u sure this medicine works…what is the maximum time period….what will be the cost….

  10. I am 53 Years Old, I am Suffured From HartAttac behind 12 Year. Can I purchas Your Enlargment products ? And Can be Enlargment ?

    • Sure you can use Xtra Large without any problem. However it is still advisable to consult your healthcare professional before using any herbal products just to be sure. As your age is over 50 years you may have to use it for a longer duration of about 5-6 months.


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