XTL Plus™ Capsules Vs Enlarger Pumps Vs Penis Exercises – A Comparison

If you have ever read about how to increase your penis size, you must have come to know about the various techniques for male enlargement. Although there are so many ways to increase your size but today we will tell you a comparative review of enlargement pumps, exercises and XTL Plus™ capsules. We will see how do they stack against each other and which one should be your choice.

Vacuum Pumps and Devices

The market is filled with many types of vacuum devices. You may find several advertisements in your local news papers selling such items. In fact some quacks and low grade ayurvedic clinics have started advertising to provide these pumps free with their medicines. Most of these pumps are made in china items which are available in the wholesale market for as low as 10-50 rupees. Now you can easily imagine what kind of work will they actually do?

If you find a higher grade product it could be a UK or German made brand but then also will it work? Absolutely no! The fundamental basis of these products is that they produce negative pressure in the penis thereby pressing blood into the organ. Along with this it also elongates and stretches the penile tissues making them loose and more hanging in nature. When you apply this for the first time you may feel like “Oh my God my size has really increased” but just within a few minutes it again collapses. The tissues again retract to the original size and you are again disappointed. In fact in some cases people have actually done more harm than good by using such devices.

Potential Side Effects Of Penis Pump Devices

Penis pumps work on the premise that they would be used gently, with the recommended pressure. However, there in your over enthusiasm, you may forget this advisory and use the pump with vigor, causing direct damage to the ligaments at the base of your groin. When the elastic tissue is damaged, it can cause permanent damage to your penis and cause erections that are significantly less firms. Regrettably, this elastic tissue cannot be replaced using surgery and any damage to it is permanent and non reversible.

Are the Results Worth The Risk Involved

Using a penis pump can be an exciting experience. When you are using the pump, it creates a suctioning around the penis which could cause some kind of sexual stimulation. However, you have to understand that the pump is not designed to give you sexual stimulation and hence should only be used for the purpose it is intended for. The suctioning action and the immediate rush of blood to the penis can make it look swollen and therefore large. This swollen and larger appearance usually only lasts for a few hours and once the blood flow is normalized, your penis will come back to its original shape and size. There are no studies that can verify the claims of a penis pump. At best, what the penis pump does is to make your flaccid penis semi erect so that it can be used for penetration. Repeated pump use cannot and will not offer you any permanent results. In fact, the more you use the pump, the less spectacular the results will seem to be. For those who use the pump several times a day, it could lead to permanent damage to the delicate tendons of the penis.

Penis Exercises

Various exercises are recommended by doctors and sexologists for penis enlargement. Here also the target is to loosen the ligaments holding the penis so that it may hang a bit lower and you may have the impression of an enlarged penis. But as in case of the vacuum devices here also you don’t get the desired result but only an illusion that the size has been increased. Also note that if you are really considering doing some kegel exercises do check you dedication level first. Because if you are going to start this you need to have a great level of dedication. The results with these exercises usually takes years to be prominent and you may end up with great frustration and disappointment.

How is XTL Plus™ Capsules better than Vacuum Devices and Kegel’s Exercises?

There are many benefits of using XTL Plus™ Capsules for penis enlargement. Some of them are given below:

  1. XTL Plus™ capsules are easy to use.
  2. You usually don’t need any supervision.
  3. Shorter duration of treatment.
  4. Permanent results which are not reversed even after completion of the treatment.
  5. XTL Plus™ capsules are 100% herbal and side effect free.
  6. You also get improved erection, time period and overall stamina with this.
  7. Total privacy with the treatment. You don’t need to show anything and it can be used without anyone knowing about this.
  8. No risk of any injuries which may arise out of improper use of the devices or imperfect exercises.
  9. 100% peace of mind.
  10. Money back guarantee.

So now you have clear idea about all the options that you have for penis enlargement. And it is evident from the above description that XTL Plus™ Capsules beat them all hands down. Now its you time to make a wise decision and choose XTL Plus™ Capsules or get carried away by the newspaper ads, only to regret your decision at a later stage.