How To Maintain Good Penis Health?

penis health

While men “not so very well endowed down under” often end up worrying about their penis health, we have consistently maintained that this is a matter that merits less concerns and more direct action.

After all, poor penile health is something that can easily be dealt with. Time and again, it has been consistently proven that given the right kind of initiatives, one can easily look forward to a penis that has the size, girth and power which may hitherto have only seemed like a fantasy.

Accordingly, in this article we focus on how to keep your penis is good health, emphasizing upon steps that can easily be taken to ensure a healthy penis.

Maintain Proper Diet for Penis Health

A healthy diet can go a long way in ensuring a healthy penis. Under this aspect, you have a number of different initiatives such as a diet that is rich in green, leafy vegetables while going easy on excess meat or fatty foods.

The thing with green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, among others is that they are rich in iron. This in turn is especially very good for the blood. With blood quality and blood flow being optimal in the system, you will have no issues with penis erections.

Alongside, fatty foods, excess meat, etc. are known to possibly create blockages in blood flow, which can of course not only be dangerous in extreme cases (such as possibly causing heart attacks) but can curb normal blood flow whereby optimal penile erection can be a challenge to attain. That is the reason to ensure sustained, optimal penile erections, it is advised that one refrains from a diet that goes overboard on fatty or excessively meat rich foods.

Minimize Alcohol Intake To Keep Penis Healthy

There is a common misconception that alcohol stimulates sexual performance. Does that come as a surprise to you…the fact that we are referring to alcohol consumption in this context as a “misconception”?

Well, that is exactly how things are! You see, alcohol is more of an inhibitor rather than a stimulant whereby blood flow gets inhibited rather than stimulated. Yes, slight alcohol consumption may not make a difference but in excess will only impact sexual performance negatively, not only in terms of penile erection but also psychological aspects and emotions related to sexual feelings.

That is the reason it is advised that alcohol intake is kept down to the minimum when sexual activity is planned.

Smoking Can Cause Severe Problems For Penis Health

The fact that smoking has a number of risk factors associated with it is all too well-known. Well, with regard to sexual activity too, it can have an adverse effect which is why smoking too is a no-no. You should not only consider minimizing it but ideally forgoing it altogether. With smoking, a major risk is constriction of the arteries that carry blood. With constricted arteries blood flow is restricted, thus affecting penile erection. Further, smoking is said to have an impact on sperm count as well. So if you are looking to become a parent, again, smoking is something you should look to avoid completely.

Role Of Male Enhancement Pills For Your Penis Health

Given the extensive range of information available in this spectrum, we only thought it appropriate to allocate an entire section towards panis long and medicine name in India.

If you are dealing with acute penile problems like erectile dysfunction, low libido or premature ejaculation, you may need to use these pills. Once the problem is cured, you can maintain your sexual health by adopting the previously mentioned tips.

Erectile Dysfunction vs. Penis Enlargement

While there are times when the two are referred to interchangeably, there is a definite differentiation between the two.

In the former, i.e. erectile dysfunction, the objective remains to ensure that the penis gains an erection and is able to sustain that erection. After that, the penis is expected to come back to its original, flaccid state.

Penis enlargement pills on the other hand work on a long-term basis where the endeavor is to ensure that the penis grows in size and girth. In fact, most folks going in for penile enlargement medication do so with the hope that they will retain a large-sized penis forever, without ever coming back to the original small sized one.

Defining “Small” and “Big” Sized Penis

Defining size in the context of penises is a highly subjective matter. Among many factors, it depends on race (common beliefs being African origin races having significantly larger penises as opposed to East Asian races that have the smallest ones), hereditary factors such as genes in the family, as well as individual factors – some individuals may have uncharacteristically bigger or smaller penises for inexplicable reasons.


Maintaining your penis health is one of the most important factors for your overall sexual health. There is no rocket science here. Following a simple set of rules which are good for your overall health is what you require.

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