What is better? An average size penis or a Larger Penis?

average penis size in india

Who doesn’t want to have a larger penis? Almost everyone I have met personally or talked to over the phone has an inherent desire to possess a larger than average size penis.

Be it panis long and strong medicine, oil massage or stretching exercises, everyone is looking for some way to add a few more inches to their manhood.

But what makes a larger sized penis better? Does having a larger penis actually have some advantages or it is just a sense of superiority that satisfies the underlying male ego? Well, that’s what we are about to discuss today. Once you finish reading this article you would have a clearer idea about:

1.   What is an average penis size

2.   How small is really small

3.   Advantages of having an average size penis

4.   Disadvantages of having an average penis size

5.   Advantages of an above average size penis

6.   Disadvantages of an above average penis size

So without any further ado, lets get started.

1.   What is the average penis size in India?

There is a lot of debate around the average penis size. Different scholars have different opinions and the data varies greatly with geographical locations and race. While Africans usually have a larger and stronger penis, an Asian would have a comparatively much smaller one. Interestingly, Indian men have the second smallest penis size in the world. According to statistical data sources, the average size of India men’s tool is just 4 inches.

penis sizes according to country
Photo Courtesy: mandatory.com

As you can see from the chart above, there is a lot of variation around the world when it comes to the average dick size. While countries like Venezuela have a whooping average dick size of 6.7 inches, countries like China, South Korea and India have just about 4 inches down there.

2.   How small is really small?

Now comes the main question. How small is really small? If there is such a huge variation in the average penis size around the globe then how can we come to a conclusion and determine which size is really small and which is not. As you can see from the chart above, it is simply not possible to answer this question as a general rule. But if we take in to consideration, a single country and then analyze its data, we may get some serious conclusions. So lets take India in to our consideration and see how small is too small for an Indian male. According to a study published on pubmed.gov, the mean flaccid length of penis in Indian men is 8.21 cm and mean flaccid circumference is 9.14 cm. On the other hand the mean erected length and circumference is 13.01 cm and 11.46 cm respectively. So if you have something below this mean range there is chance that your size is not up to the mark.

3.   Advantages of an average sized penis

If you think that those having an above-average penis size are blessed, you are sadly mistaken. Being an average sized male can be advantageous too. Below are some of the main advantages of having an average size penis:

  • You can fit almost all average Indian women
  • No fear of having difficulties on your first night
  • Most women find an average sized penis more comfortable
  • Less pain and discomfort for the partner
  • No problem during longer sex sessions

4.   Disadvantages of an average size penis

Just like the advantages, there are certain disadvantages too that may bother people having an average sized penis. Though most of these disadvantages are subjective and may or may not have any negative impact on a person’s sex life. These are :

  • Fear of not being able to satisfy a woman in bed (common)
  • Low self esteem (most common)
  • Difficulty giving full sexual pleasure to a woman having above average personality in terms of height / weight. (subjective)
  • Feeling of inferiority among friends of similar age group and getting naked in front of anyone (including wife / GF)

5.   Advantages of a larger penis:

As it is rightly said “Size does matter”. A larger than average sized penis is a blessing for most men. A man with a larger, thicker and stronger penis is always considered superior to one having a smaller penis.

  • A large penis is a sign of superiority
  • Most if not all women prefer a larger penis
  • A larger penis gives you more confidence
  • Better sexual experience for both partners
  • Men with a large penis can easily satisfy women having large vagina

6.   Disadvantages of a large penis:

Although there are so many advantages of having a larger than average penis size, there are instances where a larger penis can actually be a reason to worry about. Such as:

  • Some women are not comfortable with a very large penis.
  • Feeling of intense pain by the passive partner during sexual intercourse.
  • Fear of tear and heavy bleeding at the first night.
  • Subsequent development of phobia, fear and ultimately reduced interest in sex may be faced by the woman.


So lets face it. There is no “one size fits all” kind of thing when it comes to actual sexual preferences. For some, having a larger penis can be a proud possession but for some it can be the reason to worry. If we compare the advantages and disadvantages of a large penis and a small penis we can clearly see that the advantages of a large penis clearly over weights the disadvantages that it has. On the other hand the disadvantages of a small penis overpowers the advantages. So, it can be said that a larger penis is certainly better in most cases.

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  1. By reading Khan’s comment I’m getting fear cause sexual life is part of couples relationship , I’m now 30age, unmarried and I’m 7 inches length and 6.5 inches girth. What can be the solution for me?

  2. Sir
    Your article is very balanced and based on reality. As a data provider and second to your conclusion I have above then average size almost 7 inches and my partner lost interest in sex due to pain and stretching. Anyhow normal size is the blessing of nature.
    Best regards


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