Do herbal penis enlargement pills reduce sperm count and cause infertility?

penis enlargement and sperm count

When it comes to herbal penis enlargement pills, often there are as many questions as there are answers. Among them, a rather common question pertains to the impact of these pills on sperm count, possibly leading to infertility.

Well, in this regard, we can assert with complete confidence that these herbal pills DO NOT have any adverse impact on sperm count and therefore do not lead to infertility.

The primary aspect to keep in mind at all times is to ensure the uptake of top quality herbal pills for penis enlargement, without prioritizing price over quality. In fact, if you come across too low a price for these pills, you should question yourself – are these pills really good quality; will they not cause any harm, including the prospect of infertility?

How do such concerns arise?

Given our vehement dismissal of such concerns, the question that begs an answer is how do such concerns arise in the first place? After all, there is no basis for them at all!

Well, they are largely driven by pseudo-marketing campaigns of quacks / alternative penis enlargement therapies where herbal pills for penis enlargement might be frowned upon.

Additionally, they also arise thanks to widespread lack of awareness around herbal penis enlargement pills. Invariably, there is heightened awareness around other pills for penis enlargement but not necessarily for herbal variants; with ignorance, irresponsible concerns often end up coming to the fore.

Focus on quality

With herbal penis enlargement pills gaining traction, heightened competition has led to price wars of sorts where quality often ends up taking a beating.

That is where you as a savvy customer need to maintain a stoic focus on quality, without allowing low prices to lead you astray. Remember that lower prices more often than not mean a compromise on quality.

At, you can choose from XTL Plus™ CAPSULES which is considered the best penis enlargement medicine in India or Xtra Large Oil which is the best oil for penis growth.

Yes, the prices may be slightly on the higher side but that should serve as an incentive rather than a hindrance for you to choose our medications since you are assured of top notch penis enlargement pills.

The higher prices in the case of these pills go to service research requirements; at Rajshahi Health Care, we want to ensure that we always give our customers nothing but the best. In that quest, it becomes quintessential that we continuously perform high level of research on our products to ensure their safety and performance, i.e. they do what they are supposed to do.


In conclusion, we reaffirm the fact that herbal penis enlargement pills DO NOT cause reduction in sperm count or lead to infertility. If you ever come across any such assertion, be absolutely reassured that it is nothing but a MYTH.

Instead, herbal penis enlargement pills like the ones we offer here do just the job they are expected to do, i.e. increase the size of your penis, with complete safety, without any negative side effects, and within a quick time frame, that too with everlasting results.

18 thoughts on “Do herbal penis enlargement pills reduce sperm count and cause infertility?”

  1. Am jared from kenya and am in need of extra large capsules so how can I get it plz or which company is the distributing this drug plz

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am over 40 plus years now and my penis is very small and my wife doesn’t feel me when I am having sex with her what should I do . Though l have been masturbating from the age of 15. Because of this small penis she now starve me of sex .I am also ejaculating within 2 mins after inserting my penis, not able to satisfy my partner.I am so frustrated because of this problem, We fight and sometimes I beat my wife, or I get very depressed, and feel lonely and I get very emotional, and aggressive beating my own children, having sex once a week.

    Kindly suggest me your advice, and further information.

    Ramesh Babu

    • Dear Ramesh Babu,

      Beating up your wife, or children is not going to solve your issues. You need to be up on your toes and look for proper solution rather than being depressed. I would suggest you to talk to your wife. Tell her how much you love her. Be gentle towards her. I am sure half of the problems will be sorted out this way.

      As far as the other things like size and stamina is concerned you need to take both xtra power as well as xtra large capsules. Both are available online here on this website. Xtra Power will give you the required power and stamina to last longer in bed while xtra large will help you gain more size. Star this treatment as soon as possible and I am sure you will be fine.

  3. After three Months used of X-tra Large capsules, I got expected result and enjoying with my wife regularly. Will it be remained permanent or need to take more capsules. Please advise through email ID.

  4. hi i am yash 21 years old .i just want to know how much time does it take to complete the course and what will be the total amount involved in it and also are the effects permanent after the completion of the course….if so then tell me a way to order it asap…reply soon and thanks for making me have a good hope

    • Hi Yash,

      The complete duration of course is usually 3 months. Most men get the desired results within this time. But in some cases it may take some more or less time depending on how much size you wish to increase, your current size and age.

      The cost of this product is Rs 3675 for one month course. The results are permanent and you can enjoy bigger fuller and longer erections even after stopping the medicine. You can order online from our website.

  5. Hi Dr. Saleem, I’m interested in x large capsule and I Live in South Africa, Pretoria, I want to buy the capsules. How can I order and I want 3 packages.

  6. I’m going to decide to take xtra large medicine is there any side effects ?? Is it safe ?? I want to increase my penis size please help me

  7. Hello sir my name is Sameer, n i have a girlfriend from last three years, n i had sex a lot of time with her, n she always looks happy with me while we having sex, but i don’t know that she is truly happy or she just pretending to be happy. So i m not very much confident now with my 4.7 inches penis, i have full stamina for long sex n also N have a hard penis but m not happy because of the size of my penis, n i afraid that after taking the pills, may b I’ll lose my stamina n hardness of my penis, please suggest me if Xtra large medicine really works, thank you

    • Hi Sameer,

      Xtra Large will not cause any such issues that you think. In fact in helps you gain more sexual power and energy to perform even better. So keep all your doubts aside and use it without a second thought. I am sure you wont regret your decision.

  8. still I have not experience any abnormalities after consuming xtralarge capsule since one month,but I have noticed a little improvement in penis size after a single month,I really believe and deserve a good output after long use of it….thanks for your support,,,,,

    • Hello….I am going to marry soon but little hesitated for this. Because my penis size is only 3 inches even after erection. I want to increase my penis size upto 6 to 7 inches and want more stamina on bed with long laster. Please suggest so that I will start it asap.


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