6 Foods That Help To Increase Penis Size, Improve Libido and Testosterone

foods for penis enlargement

Nearly every man wants a larger penis. This is one reason why there are numerous vendors who sell products like pills and devices.

Enlargement of the penis can be a major issue, but many males do not know where to start when they want to obtain a few more inches. There are numerous methods that are often utilized to enlarge the penis size, and these include penis enlargement surgery, penis enlarging exercises, penis enlarging pumps, and even herbal medicine for penis enlargement. Many of these methods work while others do not. However, if you really want a larger penis size, then there are more affordable and more secure methods available today such as enlargement exercises and even foods that can assist you in increasing the size of the penis.

Truth be told, males would usually opt for natural penis enlargement techniques rather than getting a surgery or opting for dangerous methods. For better performance of the penis, you should consider consuming the following foods that are known to promote enlargement of the penis.

With these different foods, you can put yourself on the right path to enlargement of the penis. Here, each of these foods, and their individual benefits for your health and the individual factors effective when it comes to gaining those extra inches.

Foods That You Should Consume To Increase Penis Size

There are lots of foods to increase penis size, improve testosterone level and improve performance in bed. Below we have mentioned 6 of the most commonly found and effective food items that are easily available and cheap.

Including these food items in your daily routine will greatly influence your sexual strength, stamina and overall wellbeing.


banana increases penis size

Studies have revealed that males who have a healthy heart may gain a few inches successfully. It has also been discovered that the potassium found in bananas can assist in enhancing the health of the heart, while improving the circulation of the blood.

With better circulation of the blood around the body, and having a healthy heart, growth of the penis will be an easier task. Eating bananas can keep the levels of sodium of the body low, which assists in the prevention of heart diseases and other problems related to the heart.



Salmon is rich in all the heart healthy fatty oils like omega 3.

These healthy fatty oils assist in thinning the blood leading to lower viscosity which in turn helps in the better circulation of blood in the body.

Research has shown that having healthy blood flow is one of the major factors in accomplishing stronger and stiffer erections.



Even though it was not known before, many researchers have shown the importance of onions as an important food for better circulation of blood.

Onions also assist in the prevention of clotting of blood. This carries a huge advantage for enhancing the blood circulation to the heart and penis too.

From what has been discussed so far, it can be observed that the trend of having a healthy heart and blood flow is very important in growing a stronger and longer penis that has stiffer and more powerful erections.


spinach for penis health and size

Spinach is a highly nutritious food that we all eat regularly in our Indian foods. Spinach is very good for your penile health as it is rich in folic acid. Research has shown that folic acid plays an important role in the free flow of the blood inside the peripheral blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis.

In another study it was found that folic acid improves erection in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Additionally Spincha is also rich in magnesium that also helps to improve testosterone levels.


Coffee helps in erectile dysfunctio and penis health

Coffee contains caffeine which is known to help in erectile dysfunction. Studies suggest that two to three cups of coffee can help you in erectile dysfunction. Caffeine also relaxes the blood vessels leading to the penile tissues thus improving overall erection power and better penile health.

While an individual can get help from eating these foods, eating the foods alone is not enough for the growth of the penis. In addition to consuming the three main foods, you have to incorporate other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats into your diet. Along with that, you have to eliminate junk food and processed foods from your every day diet.


chilies can lift up your mood and boost libido

Believe it or not, but chilies can bring some flavour to your otherwise bore sex life. Yes, you heared it right. Researchers have found that men who eat spicy foods have higher levels of testosterone in their blood. This is attributed to the presence of capsaicin in foods like chilies and hot sauces. Capsaicin helps to elevate mood by releasing the “endorphins” (hormones that turn your mood on or make you feel good) and also boosts your libido.

Tip For Better Penis Enlargement Results

For better results, you might want to utilize herbal penis enlargement supplements like the XTL Plus™ while incorporating the above-mentioned food items in your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating all these healthy foods and utilizing high-quality herbal penis supplements can assist you in obtaining quicker penis enlargement results.

xtl plus penis enlargement pills1

Many herbal pills for penis enlargement are safe to utilize and have approved and tested ingredients, considered to be very effective by top medical experts. Many companies offer their customers a full money back guarantee so that the customers can try the products, see the results and only then continue using the product.

Things to Remember For a Healthy Penis

Lose It or Use It (Having healthy erections is important!)

To keep your penis in shape, having erections on a regular basis is really necessary. This means that it has to be exercised every now and then. In order to maintain a healthy tone, the penis’s smooth muscle must be enriched by oxygen from the circulation of blood.

This makes the penis erect and engorges it. If a male is able to get erect, but does not have erections during the day, he should not worry because the brain has penis maintenance function installed. Signals from the brain can cause erections during the REM phase.

If people do not do anything to maintain the regular erections, then they will experience a shortening of the penis. Without frequent erections, the penile tissues can start shrinking and become less elastic, making the male’s penis 1 to 2 centimeters shorter.

Your Penis is a Grower (Bigger Penis In Normal Condition = Bigger Erection? Not Necessarily)

Among males, there is no relationship between the size of a flaccid penis and the full erect length. In a study of eighty men, researchers discovered that an increase from flaccid lengths to erect lengths varied widely.

Whatever the significance of the data might be, the locker room importance is considerable. You cannot assume that a man with a big penis gets bigger with small erections and the guy who has a tiny penis might need a bigger erection.

Sensitivity Reduces As You Age

Studies have shown that the penis loses sensitivity as males get older; however it is not certain by how much.

This is because different researchers have utilized various ways to measure sensitivity and stimulate the penis. Despite the different researches, the information collected shows a trend of sensitivity starting to decrease from 25 and onward. The sharpest decline in a male’s penis’s sensitivity occurs from 65 to 75.

This is why you need to maintain the health of your penis by eating the foods that have been listed above, and using herbal supplements that improve the health of the male organ. By consuming the foods mentioned above, you will not only be able to improve the circulation of blood, maintain a healthy heart, but you will also be able to get the large penis you always wanted!

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