Are there Any Safe Ways of Male Enhancement in India?

male enhancementIn India, sex has always been the biggest taboo and it is not surprising that sexual organs cannot be talked about openly or even honestly. Men and women, who suffer from sexual disorders or genital defects often find themselves needing more guidance for help. For most people, it is difficult to discuss something sexual or personal with someone. More often than not, you would not able to do it because it is not considered appropriate.

The size of the male member is a controversial subject, and one which we, as a society, evade. However, just because we do not like to acknowledge or talk about it, it does not mean that problems with penis size disappear. Many men worry that their penis is too small. This not only harms their sex life, but also lowers their libido and makes them extremely self conscious. More often than not, they find themselves demoralized in other spheres of their life too. Sapped of confidence, often these men resort to unsafe medications or medical procedures that only complicates their life further.

Who Needs Male Enhancement?

This is an important question to answer. To answer this question, we must first answer this – how do we measure a penis, and what is considered to be a normal range. A penis is measured when it is erect. The proper way to measure a penis is to start from its base, and measure the entire length up to the tip. The normal average penis size, when erect, is anywhere from 5.1 to 5.9 inches. Those who have a penis which measures less than 3 inches when erect, usually need penis enlargement. This is a rather rare condition and statistics suggest that only 6 in 1000 males suffer from this problem. However, some men simply want to have a larger penis, even if they do not need penis enlargement medically.

What are the Various Techniques of Penis Enlargement in India?

There are several male enhancement procedures and products available commercially. Here’s what available in the Indian markets:

  1. Topical ointments, lotions and applications: When looking for penile enhancement products, you can find anything from oil, creams, gels and lotions. These are topical applications that claim to contain herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals which can nourish and increase penis size. Most of these products have not shown any proven results and there are no documented studies on them.
  2. Enhancement devices: The second category of penis enlargement techniques is the devices. These devices, such as the vacuum pump are nothing but contraptions that claim to increase penile length. The vacuum pump is such a device where you insert your penis into cylindrical shaped chamber. This cylinder is pressurized and sucks in air, causing an increase in the flow of blood to your penis. Though this pump may have some benefits, long term use could cause damage to blood vessels or tearing of your ligaments. Some of the other commonly sold devices include penis stretchers, weights that can be attached to the penis, penis rings and similar devices. It is best to avoid every one of these.
  3. Exercises: Several exercises, especially Jelqing and Kegel, can help strengthen the penis and improve blood flow. These exercises are safe and can be performed on your own. Once you know how to do them correctly, you can do them at home – without having to spend any money on any medicines, devices or equipment.
  4. Surgery: As the name suggests, a penis enhancement surgery is invasive, painful and fraught with risks. There are two types of surgeries – one to increase the length and the second to increase the girth of the penis. Most doctors recommend this surgery only to those who have very small penises. Surgical procedures on the penis could cause permanent damage to the tissues and ligaments. In most of these surgeries, fat is injected into the penis, which often gets reabsorbed into the body, leaving the penis back to its original small size. Therefore, most healthcare practitioners do not recommend these surgeries unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Pills: The most effective of all penis enhancement and enlargement techniques is oral pills. Most of these pills are made of herbal remedies that work safely and naturally. Be careful to select pills that have no pharmacological ingredients though. Since they are the safest alternative to increase penis size, a lot of manufacturers defraud their customers by providing substandard pills that do not work.

Do You Need Penis Enlargement?

A lot of doctors believe that if your penis size is in the normal range, you do not need penis enlargement. A lot of people fall into the trap of fake medications, herbs and contraptions that do not offer them any benefits, but cost an arm and a leg. It is important to be aware of the pitfalls of the method you are choosing. The best way is to ensure that the method you choose does not have any side effects. Since the male member is a sensitive organ, it is best not to experiment with it. Ayurvedic herbal remedies, which are completely safe and natural, are your best bet. Do your research well before you finally decide on purchasing and using a product.

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