Types Of Penis Enlargement Products – What Works?

types of penis enlargement products

One thing that men sometimes want is well, a bigger penis. But what works?  There are so many types of penis enlargement products on the market that it ultimately can be a bit daunting to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. Here, we will discuss the penis enlargement products that work, and what doesn’t work very well.

Penis Enlargement Supplements

There are many types of penis enlargement medicines available in the market, usually, a combination of some vitamins, minerals, hormones, and herbs, and most of the time, the manufacturers claim that penises will enlarge with these. The main game here is to get as much blood possible to the penis, and usually, any product that promotes this will increase the size during erections, but sometimes only till then.

The reason why some of these work is L-arginine, which is a natural ingredient that promotes blood flow. It’s usually used to treat heart and blood vessels, along with relaxing the penis muscles. It ultimately does create a hard erection, and also relaxes, which in turn helps with a bigger size.

Some pills don’t contain these though, and often, you should always make sure that it contains the ingredients necessary to increase the blood flow and relaxes the muscles. Another factor in this, is that it usually doesn’t give you a permanent increase, and while you’ll have a more erect penis during sex, it’s not permanent. This is a temporary increase, so remember that. Also, keep in mind too that this is usually the safest means to increase your penis size, especially when compared to pumps.

Penis Enlargement extenders

Penis extenders, simply put, extend the penis. It’s similar to a “workout” in a sense, and usually, the device that’s used has comfort points and can be adjusted based on size. You essentially are stretching the penis to an extent, but not too much that it hurts you or causes an injury.

Once you find the position, it creates traction, which means that the cells are split because of the extender, which causes duplication, and therefore more cells than what you had initially.

It does make the penis become bigger, usually through this stretch, or through some mild heat. The thing is, these do work, usually about a half of an inch to almost 2 inches of increase, but the thing is, it does have some safety concerns, and if you’re not careful, you can hurt yourself.

So yes, it does work, but there is a risk.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is essentially a vacuum pump that draws blood towards the penis, and you can use this not only to make it bigger, but also to help treat erectile dysfunction. Usually though, if you use it too long, it causes damage to the elastic tissue within the penis itself, which causes the erections to not be as firm, and can create even more issues with maintaining an erection.

These also may look uncomfortable, but if it’s done in a simple manner, creating a vacuum, you’ll then see it increase in size.

But again, this is a short-term increase, and your penis will usually go back to normal size after use. Sometimes though, when used in the long term, it can increase the size of the corpus cavernosa, which is where the penile tissue is. The body does adapt to this, meaning that it can get used to the increased blood flow, and can make it bigger.

But again, when you use it too much it does increase the chances of softening the tissue, so definitely make sure that if you use this, you exercise caution.

Bottom line, is that it does work, more in a temporary means, but it also can pose some long-term risks.

Penis Enlargement Lotions

Penis enlargement lotions or oil are usually rubbed directly onto the penis themselves, claiming it improves the blood flow to the penis, and helps increase it in size.

Again, if this doesn’t have L-arginine within it, you should probably not use it. But even then, since it’s not internally working with the blood vessels, chances are, you won’t have an increase in size with this.

it’s best to not use these either, since most of the time they’re mostly herbs, and usually they don’t bring forth an actual effective result.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

You can use exercises to increase the size of your penis, but these don’t have any scientific proof that they work. These also can form scars, disfigurement, and pain, so definitely heed caution with it.

The exercises are often called jelqing, where you use a hand over another hand motion to push blood from the base of the penis up to the head. Some may like it to help improve erections, but usually it doesn’t work.

Testosterone Pills

There are pills which can increase the testosterone of the body, and therefore help with increasing the size of the penis, and help with other male enhancement conditions. These tend to be reputable, especially if you go through GNC. They also provide health vitamins, increase blood flow, and can help with the testosterone levels of the body. The drawback however, is the fact that they usually are expensive, and you need to swallow 7 pills a day for it to work.

The thing is though, it’s a reputable product with good ingredients, and if you’re able to tolerate swallowing seven pills a day, it can work.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The problem with surgery with that usually, while it may lengthen the size of the penis, there are mixed results with this, especially when it comes to effectiveness and safety. The division of these ligaments can actually change the appearance of the penis when it’s flaccid, but not change the length of it. Plus, it may cause infection, scarring, and sensation and function loss at worst.

When it comes to penis enlargement, realize that it’s a temporary solution many times, and it takes a while for it to truly work, so keep this in mind when you’re choosing the right products to use.

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