Do You Really Need to Enlarge Your Penis?

do you need to enlarge your penisAre you one of those many men out there, stuck in the proverbial “no man’s land” where you cannot make up your mind whether you need an enlarged penis or not? If so, then this is definitely for you so read on. We will look at all sides of the argument so as to provide a well-balanced and thoughtful perspective.

Women and Penis Size

Yes, women do like large penises. But remember that the definition of a large penis is very subjective. An average sized penis would be considered rather large in many parts of East and South East Asia. Likewise, as a corollary, even a large East or South East Asian penis would perhaps be considered tiny in many parts of Africa.

Yet, women in all these various parts of the world tend to be largely satisfied with the penis sizes on offer locally. This clearly makes it apparent that merely stressing on women’s desire for large penises as the motive behind seeking an enlarged penis is an inaccurate portrayal of the reality of the situation.

Assessing the problem at hand

Before you make up your mind that an enlarged penis is what you need, you need to carefully assess the problem at hand. Are you suffering from ED or Erectile Dysfunction whereby you are either unable to attain or sustain an erection? Do you suffer from PE or Premature Ejaculation whereby no sooner has the sexual act begun that you end up climaxing?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself before coming to the conclusion that you need to enlarge your penis. After all, these are problems independent of the size of your penis. Even with a larger penis they will not go away.

Remember the analogy which roughly translates to “medicine as per the illness”? The same analogy applies in this context as well, in fact all the more directly, since the solution in question will be dealt as per the problem at hand.

Even if you suffer from neither of the two problems mentioned above and simply seek an enlarged penis, you still need to ask yourself why…after all, there is every possibility that you already have a healthy penis of reasonable size and somehow mistakenly feel that a larger penis is what you need.

Critical importance of sexual power

Often, it has been seen that rather than an enlarged penis, the need of the hour is in fact a powerful penis. That is to say, the requirement is that of a penis that does its job well, rather than simply stand out as a larger than life shaft.

The point we are making here is that by going in for an enlarged penis, you may simply end up opting for cosmetic change when the actual treatment needs to be made from within. What if you don’t have PE (Premature Ejaculation) as such but still do end up ejaculating much before your partner has attained climax? Clearly you are leaving your partner dissatisfied under such circumstances. In the same breath, when you are possibly unable to sustain an erection for the entire course of the sexual act, even if seemingly not suffering from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), you clearly have a shortcoming in the sexual department.

All of this points towards the urgent need for sexual power or stamina; without that, your sexual potency will remain compromised, no matter what length of penis you may attain.

Thankfully, there are medications available in the market today, that address this very problem with precision. By ingesting these medications as prescribed, you can eventually ensure that you not only attain and sustain erections and also prolong your climax in tandem with your partner over the entire course of the sexual act, you are also able to have the much needed stamina required for doing so.
Somehow, realization along these lines has been somewhat fuzzy but thankfully, we find that more and more men are wising up to the importance of sexual power and stamina, more than practically anything else.

Going beyond penis length alone

Having underlined the importance of sexual power and stamina, another aspect that merits being delved into is the critical significance of penis girth. Remember that a penis which is merely long in length but compromised in its girth is invariably unsatisfactory to a lot of women. Therefore, simply getting worked up on the length of your penis will really not do the kind of “magic” you’re hoping it would. Instead, you also need to ensure alongside that you have a penis that is of reasonably all-round “good” size, taking into consideration its girth as well.

Thankfully, as with penis length as well as issues such as ED or PE, there are medications on offer that ensure you have a penis of reasonable girth as well. In fact, the medications that work well on elongating penises often end up working their magic on penis girth as well. Therefore, you need to look around and find the perfect penis treatment which ensures not just a penis of reasonable length but also of sizable girth, thus giving your penis the all-round appeal that you so earnestly seek from it.

Confidence would always be pivotal

At the end of the day – or maybe at the very beginning of it, confidence would always remain key when it comes to sexual activity, just as it does with practically everything else in life.
We say this because way too much is made of penis size when performance is what matters the most; and for optimal performance, you need power / stamina / vigor as outlined above, which in turn gets a major boost when you are sexually confident.

As a corollary, also bear in mind that any kind of complex or negative mindset regarding your penis size has a major adverse impact on sexual performance. And this remains true, even if otherwise, you do not have a small-sized penis.

Therefore, it is very important that you remain astute about the size of your penis and focus more on your sexual prowess. As long as you carry yourself as a sexually confident man, completely astute about the size of your penis as well as your sexual prowess, excellent sexual performance will come naturally to you. Your partners too will in turn adore you more for all these traits.

But don’t ignore penis medications!

Notwithstanding the above, don’t blindly interpret the above advice as going against the need for various penile medications. Remember that they exist for a particular reason and that most, if not all, indeed do the job that they purport to.

If you take our own instance, we have penile medications that work on sexual vigor and prowess. Likewise, you have other penile medications – Viagra being a prime example, that indeed does a fine job when it comes to ensuring that penile erection is attained and sustained with ease; without that, any kind of sexual activity would of course be very difficult.

As far as societal pressures / embarrassment is concerned in the context of such penile issues, you really need to remain resolute and be ignorant of such concerns, irrespective of whether they exist in reality or simply play in your mind. Moreover, thanks to online platforms like ours, today it is really very easy to order such medications in complete privacy, with nobody else the wiser about the penile issues you are facing or the medications that you are taking for them.


In conclusion, we would reiterate that there is way too much emphasis placed on the size of the penis, when sexual power or stamina invariably matters far more. Perhaps in many ways, it is all kinds of ill-intentioned marketing campaigns that are playing into the minds of impressionable men who somehow come to believe that penis size is one of the most important factors for optimal sexual performance, combined with the (often false) belief that somehow they are cursed with a small penis.

Such beliefs are further accentuated by all kinds of pieces in the media, especially online, that go to extreme lengths to talk about the lengths of male organs, and the importance that it holds.
As a savvy man, you need to cast aside all such silly notions, focusing solely on sexual stamina, combined with sexual confidence that needs to come from within.

Of course if you have genuine penis related issues such as ED or PE, you do need to take requisite medications as we mentioned. Otherwise, no matter how sexually confident from within you (try to) portray yourself as, your sexual performance will ultimately fall flat. Also, as we mentioned, there is no need to feel any sense of shame or guilt in taking these medications; if at all you do, remember that there are online services like ours which take the privacy quotient to a whole new level with complete ease.

Ultimately, as long as you bear in mind all the various factors we have touched upon in this piece, nothing can come in the way of your being considered the “tiger in bed” you’ve always fantasized yourself to be!

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